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Remained radical and not a hope in hell of ever seeing power in any guise and therefore being irrelevant and forever politically impotent.


Whats the problem?




They don’t have a hope of being “in power” other than as minor partner of DUP or FG!

Anyway, what’s the point of being in “power” when you have abandoned all your core values and are doing the same things as any of the others, as they have proven in Stormont and on any local authority where they are part of governing alliance? Look at Labour again.


So what’s the point? Hurlers on the ditch forever … promising utopia. Bah …


It’s much easier being in opposition.


Not a bad bit of tail wagging the dog there is it? What is all the DUP power that you speak of doing for them these days?


Last time I was there, 2013 I think, it was fine up to about 110-20, and OK-ish to about 150, no worse than plenty of places in Ireland anyway


The unionists won. Restoring Stormont was aim, uniquely, of DUP for over 30years. Objective of IRA was to get rid of partition. Instead it disbanded without achieving its objective.

DUP are happy enough with current arrangement with May, but when that runs out then it will be back to Stormont with SF as the nodding dog at the rear window.

RHI hearings were interesting by the way as they prove that SF was just as much part of the scam as the DUP. Which explains why they quietly dropped the demand for Foster to resign as pre-condition for reviving Executive. DUP council rejected it so Mary Lou and Michelle are hoping now that next move will be coalition with their new friends in Fine Gael.


If you think Mary Lou and Michelle decide what happens with SF you are very mistaken.


That’s indo talk, prove it.


Glib much.


Does not compute, what does that mean?


I know a small number of people who describe themselves as “Unionists” and NONE of them consider themselves to have WON anything over the years save the eventual gaining and acceptance of the knowledge that when they arrive at British Ports or Airports they are still “MICKS” and “PADDYS”.

They are also somewhat unhappy that thousands of their friends and neighbours who used to administer incredible brutality upon captured combatants now find themselves either unemployed or at best re-hired as glorified door openers (Ushers) for the same people who they used to ironically close doors on at night and now have to address such malcontents as “Minister” and “Member”.

Neither do they see as a VICTORY or WIN the effective sacking in reasonably quick succession of their B-Specials, U.D.R. murder gangs and the dispatching to the four corners of the globe of their R.I.R. members as nothing less than sandbags for the REAL British Army.

Nor are they consoled by being “Allowed” to flog Poppies to potentially raise enough funds for a better wheelchair for themselves, I bet Haig is pissing himself laughing in hell at such slaves.

They also rest a little less easy at night knowing that their Mayor or Deputy Mayor is some dirty fenian cur who decides things that they had as a given in the good old days.

Very few of them ever envisaged having to go cap in hand to such a fenian monstrosity as a parades commission to permit / deny them the RIGHT to “Walk the queens highway” aka “Coat-trail” through Taig housing estates.

They are also somewhat miffed at not having an automatic right to employment in the shipyard, Mackies or Shorts, bloody Taigs working everywhere these days.

And then there is the good old RUC etc etc etc…Yep, that is a MAJOR win for the planters.

That’s only the tip of the iceberg, but look…enjoy your victory.


That is complete bollix the RHI hearings showed nothing like that, your some man for making stuff up to suite your narrative


Tumbles is a victim of Section 31 of the broadcasting act.

Reminds me of the joke…"I was reading a book about Stockholm syndrome, I didn’t like it at first but…


Is it really?

They all had their noses in the trough. SF and DUP were also involved in other scams some of which have been revealed such as the NAMA business and SF establishing a “research company” to basically embezzle more money. Others have been kept quiet because both of them were involved.

It is worth recalling too that when SDLP made first move over RHI to have DUP resignations, SF did not vote with them. Even after being forced by public opinion to pull out because Foster would not resign, they dropped that demand the minute they entered negotiations with DUP to revive the Executive! Only reason that was ditched was because the DUP central council over-ruled Foster’s agreement with the shinners, who had ditched all their chest beating about cuts and real issues in favour of an Irish Language Act, which the vast majority of them including McDonald and O’Neill are unable to answer basic questions in, as was proven at a press conference. Gang of chancers.


1 officer didn’t act to shut down that kept it open for two weeks, incompetence yes not the same as the DUP whi contrived the scheme profited from and covered ot up. You have no sence of perspective and are blinded by your bias.
You need to read up on the actual hearing and not Google one article covering a small section of the enquiry.


As for the rest of your gibberish and hyperbole you forgot to more it was established it was the UDA who pulled the plug in the DUP going back into government.

You are either a total wind up merchant (which I expect), or the most blindly biased person I have come across.


And you accuse me of “gibberish” :grinning:

I suspect I know a lot more about these things than you do. Your blind devotion to SF blinds you to the truth.