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110% agree. He brought in cuts that hammered the little girls in the school he used to work in, and many others around the country. I’d say his biggest fear would be to go back there. Labour have told lie after lie and reneged on promise after promise. When the Bottler Reilly hung a decent woman Roisin Shortall out to dry, and she was forced to resign on principle, the twin bombasts Happy Gilmore and Rabbitte looked away. And Joan…And AK47?? They are dead in the water.


He is like most politicans self serving and a liar.


They can never be dead enough for me. Especially Kelly a horrible ■■■■.


Did you know, he gave himself the nickname AK47? What a total ■■■■.


What has he ACHIEVED? And on a Salary of close to €70,000 for someone who was roundly rejected by the people he should be doing a bit of work.

Not a bad wage for someone who does a 2/3 day week either.

  • Seanad starts around 2.00/2.30 on a Tuesday and generally finishes up around mid afternoon on a Thursday.


If you vote Labour you are part of the problem. Aodhan although some good policies pre and post government, betrayed the electorate with the rest of Labour, McGrath also a traitor. The tickets they were voted in on was not to vote with the Tory Party to inflict harsh austerity measures and cuts on the people of Ireland under the order of the E.U/IMF.


About 10 or 15 years ago Labour had a chance of not only surviving but also of growing, but the ageing leadership chose their gold plated pensions over development of the party as a strong party of the workers who refused to be a firewall for FG or FF. THAT was a missed opportunity and their downfall.


Yep, lost their way then and still at sea.


Scuttled themselves more than lost. They will take years to recover.


If they think Kelly is going to save them they’re deluded.


They should never have propped FG up during the downturn. The auld wans n Labour wanted ministerial pensions and committed political suicide to get them. When I hear the pricks patting themselves on the back for making ‘hard choices’ i.e. hurting the weak, I feel like puking. They are finished now and it’s hilarious watching the denial.


Yeah I get you, I don’t feel sick more pure rage to throw the telly out the window when I see howlin. They had their chance and proved themselves worse than FG and FF. I hope they ■■■■ they disintegrate and I’ll have a sign on my door specifically to say no labour ■■■■■ please in the next election.


They won’t recover, whats left of their membership is old. There’s a generational shift away from Labour and indeed the trade unions that sustained them.


Joe Costello has some neck also. In cabra there’s been a 20 year campaign to get a school built that had been stuck in prefabs all that time. When it was released that the work was going to start, Joe went around the doors trying to claim an input he had into the whole thing. I’m living in cabra 30+ years and he’s never knocked on my door about any issue let alone this one. I quizzed him on it and he said that he would be sure one of his team, if not him, had called into me in the past. Somehow he made the time on this occasion when he was looking for credit for something he did nothing about! That’s only an isolated issue. Dublin central has more important constituents that us riff raft in cabra as far as labour, FG and FF are concerned.


And the irony of it all is that most at the forefront of Labour back then were ex Sinn Fein/Workers’ Party, who should have been far more socialist.


I think the sticky element jumped on the other gravy train that is RTE and upped sticks en-mass and scattered out to join the gated community in Montrose. Their task was to control what the great unwashed could hear.


You just have to look at the current “left” leadership in the other Sinn Féin to see same process repeating itself.

SF have abandoned hope of overtaking Fianna Fáil and have replace Labour both ideologically and most likely next coalition partner for the blue team. FG remember had exactly the same antipathy to the “Marxist” former gunmen of the sticks as they pretend to have towards the shinners.

Didn’t then and won’t in next few years prevent a marriage made in hell.


Yeah but it was the WP TDs that founded DL, the party didn’t follow them. The like of De Rossa and Rabitte knew the jig was up after the fall of their Eastern Bloc sponsors and were’t going to risk losing their TD’s salaries by going down with the ship

SF could have been a left of centre FF for Joe Soaps but they were taken over by the radical middle class lefties in the same way that Labour was taken over by the same contingent from the stickies. Always ends well that :grin:


Having just seen and heard Paschal on RTE Six One news, I would be in favour of Italy breaking the EU fiscal rules, if only as a way of telling him to ■■■■ off.


That was the lost opportunity no doubt. Ceasefire was right way to go as armed conflict was going nowhere. It is the politics that followed which are depressing. They should have done as you say and remained a radical republican party as FF was before it was taken over by same sort of chancers, just with different ideological justifications!