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Is that the same Aodhán Ó Ríordáin who slagged off the Seanad?

“Prior to losing his seat in Dublin Bay North last month, Ó Ríordáin told Newstalk that he was ”not going to kick around the Seanad for five years” and would leave politics if he lost his seat.”


Thats the fella. Cant stand him along with all current Labour. If I was to ever vote Labour again it would have to be a completely new set up and anyone linked to their time in government with Fine Gael be gone. Biggest hypocrites out there.


People don’t call them Liebour for nothing. Sure look at Michael D!!


Exactly. They are very good at lying. And smug about it as well.


It IS their intention to go back into Government with FG. They may spoof otherwise but I will be proven right, NOTHING has changed within Labour, take Kellys desire to retain water charges as an example of no change.


They would go into Government with anyone, simply a shower of fucks. Detest them. I never thought I could dislike anyone as much as Bryan Cowen or Varadker. But Keily surpassed them. met him when he was junior transport minister and even then he was an arrogant ■■■■.


Left to right:

Aodhán Ó Ríordáin: Dumped out of Dublin Bay North last time,has an outside chance of taking Finian McGraths seat.

Alan Kelly: Took the last seat on the final count with over 2,000 transfers from Fianna Fail and didn’t reach the quota. FG could take his seat next time.

Ivana Bacik: Ran for Election for the European Parliament in 2004, Dublin Central in 2009 (By Election) and Dun Láoghaire in 2011 and each time failed to get even half a quota.

Brendan Howlin: Elected on the 9th count in Wexford in 2016, has a strong personal vote and should be safe next time out in the five seater.

Kevin Humphreys: Lost out to Fine Gaels Kate O’Connell last time out and will find it difficult to win the seat back next time out.

Jan O’Sullivan: Scraped across the line in 2016 on the last count without reaching the quota and just ahead of a Fine Gaeler. Will also find it difficult to hold the seat next time.

Bye Bye Labour, you won’t be missed!


O’Riordain has no hope of taking McGrath’s seat. None.


yeah the picture of Kelly doing his incredible hulk air thumping made me sick on that last last last count.


I wouldn’t be so sure. I voted for him the last time but won’t again.

Finian pissed off a lot not long after the last election by doing a U-Turn on the water charges.


Agreed. Finian may well lose his seat. But not to O’Riordain imho.


It will be interesting to see where the Averil Power**less** 4,911 1st preferences go and where the votes that Finian McGrath loses go. I expect Catherine Noone will get nowhere,(My mate calls her “Catherine No-One” and I wouldn’t be surprised if she is given a Seanad seat for moving out from under Leo’s feet to allow a different candidate to be Leo’s running mate.


Who do you see taking it? John Lyons (AAA-PBP)?


It is an odd constituency and I think there were about 20 Candidates the last time out with Richard Bruton only being elected on the 8th count. And that was after getting around 3,000 transfers from the other two FG candidates. Sean Haughey was only elected on the 14th count with transfers from Averil Power and the last three seats went to candidates who didn’t reach the quota by the 15th and final count.

Finian McGrath took the last seat.


No. Have to see who is running. AAA-PBP will do well to keep the six seats they have. Cannot see them winning any more. McGrath may well hold on.


You’re grand til you get to the other end of Harlem. Then… :scream:


One you start hitting the 100s alright…


Is it as rough as Foxrock …


Have a lot of time for O’Riordan, has done a huge amount of work surrounding drugs and addiction, something 95% of politicians pretend doesn’t exist. Massive heroin epidemic in this country and there has been for years and it is still totally ignored by most people. Aodhan doing fantastic work in the area, even after losing his seat, he continued the work. Think yous are being harsh on him. At least he’s trying to make the country a better place, unlike most politicians who couldn’t give a ■■■■.


He was the principal of an inner city school. He knew what the cuts when they were in government would do to schools like his. And he voted for them anyway. So spare me the nonsense about making the country a better place. He IS like all the rest of them. He said he wouldn’t run for the senate. Then he did. A body he campaigned to abolish.

You couldn’t make it up.