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That’s him thinking he is been a hard line fucker with his question. A grade A arsehole of the highest order.


He’s on about 600K. I voted for Casey, albeit a protest vote and I tuned in to hear him tonight. That was a poor performance and if he’s prepared to tell the country he wants to be Taoiseach he needs to handle Tubridy.


Jesus, realised it was that bad ??? Is most of the trouble invoving a certain nomadic ethnic tribe ??,


To be fair - no


Yep. Galwegians …


I bet that wasn’t hard.


That’s quite the party piece, it must be like a baby’s arm hanging out of a pram.


Some respectable settled schoolboys engage in some “Banter”…


Why would you post a video of two young boys fighting?


I was shocked when I saw it as we rarely hear of settled people engaging in such savagery.



And grossly irresponsible.

And can we please stop with the settled people nonsense. There’s no such thing. Just the people of the nation. From which Travellers (their choice) have mostly decided to isolate themselves from.


Who is this ‘settled’ people you keep referring to? That’s a bullshit term.


Umpire, you are trying so hard to show that ‘settled’ people are ‘as bad as’ your nomadic brethren, which is bullshit. Just not true. I put the stats up twice for you. They are statistically far higher to engage in crime than non-travellers. You have become a caricature of yourself.



I’d love to. A bucket list job for me, no matter who is playing.


Quite clear it would seem that not only did she (who is she anyway, seriously!) lie about the alleged conversation about Direct Provision, but that Casey had discussed it during one of the campaign interviews!




Yep , that tweet back fired on her !


These fuckers need to ■■■■ of completely. Irrelevant.