Irish Politics


Wow what can one say about that? I’d like to see Pavee Point explain why a child is screaming on his father to commit violence against another fellow traveller?

Still we might see sit and judge but ffs it really is disturbing.


I asked my brother who is a rural copper up there is that new station opened. His reply …
Traffic Corp, scene of crimes staff, High ranking officers and clerical staff in there at the moment. If you look close enough, they’re probably looking out the window wondering what to do.

As for carnage at supermacs later. I’ve said it before I’d walk down O’Connell street at 3 in the morning than hang round eyre square.


I’d much rather ride the subway up to Harlem than do either of those.


We’ll buy you a subway token for may so


It’s not an unusual to see travelers fighting in Galway though…there is a camp out the Headford road where sulky racing often takes place. Same place frog ward came from…bad yokes. Then you have Paul Murphy, Wallace, Boyd Barrett et all falling over themselves to defend them.


Tokens are long gone mate…metrocard all the way. Armed NYPD transport police too…suggestion was made in Newstalk and Ciara Kelly and the Sinn Fein TD nearly chocked at the thought of such a sight…


Its the child screaming for his dad that has me disturbed, I’d rather die than let my son see me behave like that.


I know my friend. I know

I’ll send my one up to you, have it from when I popped over to see the dubs and Sam last year . Didn’t go missing on my watch.


Jesus. I hope he never joins here so …


Your welcome to head over in May…green and red all over NYC :wink:


Me to.


Car crash tv on the late late , Peter Casey making a fool of himself.


He is a total diaster tonight. Tubridy is destroying him and he’s not even trying hard.


Destroyed by turbidy, like being savaged by Bambi .


Turbridy couldn’t destroy a cream cake, so it must be bad.


We haven’t seen a LLS fookup this bad since Joe O’Reilly.


I have to say I think RTE are a disgrace with this ambush interview. Tubs gushes and prances around FF/FG and even Mary Robinson. I think Casey is holing his own and I would vote for him again.


It’s getting worse by the minute. Maybe we should lock Casey up to save himself from further interviews. Temporary schools for every traveler child to be set up in the Phoenix pk🙈. And then it went downhill…


Tubs a ■■■■. First person i’d go after if I was in charge of RTE.


Is he on something? Doesent let anyone he interviews finish a sentence and is constantly moving his hands and about in the chair…terrible interviewer