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Res Dubs Cabal


The Christian brothers … the ■■■■■■■ when I think of what they did to that man … bastards


The ones in our school were thrown out of the British Army for being too cruel.


There’s no point been stupid unless you prove it.


For all those John Connors fans out there , Eamo has a podcast up with him .


hopefully it goes as well as John Waters


Eamo on Connors , " a brilliant man & fantastic actor "



Does his people absolutely no favors imho.


In fairness he plays a traveller really well …


I thought he was the next colm meaney meself.


He is a good actor from what I’ve seen of him. It would be fantastic if he got some bug roles coning from the background he has.


He was giving out recently about stereotyping of itinerants, yet on love hate, he played the part of a murdering scumbag, bomb making traveller… Go figure.


I see Boyd Barrett and the looney left are calling on RTE to drop Peter Casey from the late late tonight…then they wonder why people are turning hard right…

As I write this I have learnt a neighbors house was ransacked again today…there will be another Padraig Nally incident soon…it’s only a matter of time


He has played sterotypes Hopper. I’ll reserve judgement on him till I see him buck that trend in his roles. But on the back of that i say fair fucks to him to getting that far. It’s a dog eat dog game, so he has something.


I’m not sure he wrote the part for himself, I could be mistaken, as love hare was a pile of shit I stoped watching by then :speak_no_evil:


He does himself no favors, he could actually have a really positive influence on his community. His story is fairly admirable though, coming from the background he had. Losing his father to suicide at 8 years of age, then going to the brink himself while suffering from depression. Started acting late in life and found his talent and has done really well for himself. He should focus more on that then the politics he involves himself in.


Totally agree with this. For any person trying to make it in acting is flecking tough. he obviously has talent. I admire that aspect of him, the bullshit on twitter is pure stupidity regardless of how he sees its.


Nice video on Facebook of two lads boxing the head off each other today on the main road into Galway today.


And right outside the regional Garda HQ…goes to show these lot have no fear or respect for law and order.

There have been checkpoints galore all over Galway and Mayo the pst week, RSA, tax, customs, drink tests etc…I understand they need to be done but people are beginning to get really annoyed that they are nowhere to be seen when real crime is being committed.

Garda officers have been spotted in recent months walking the docks in Galway checking windscreens for tax…total waste of police resources. Go to Supermacs in eyre square this weekend and watch the usual fighting…not a cop to be seen…the Gardai really need to get their priorities right…it’s a farce