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There’s no doubt that looking back…most people here realise how mad it was and never want to go back.

The weird thing is that in the middle of it, it became almost normalised.

I can see why a lot of people outside of here, thought we were all mad. But I guess it was different if you grew up on the Falls or Shankill and your world view was shaped by events, peer groups etc. But obviously nothing justified killing innocent people.

Ps. Province!!


I agree with all of that and just about all of what you’ve posted on the subject overall. But still the hard questions also have to be asked at times. We all know the loyalist hardcore are from a different plane of existence but the republican hardcore always playing the heroic victim card is still tough to listen to with no balance.


For sure.

I can give some background to violence simply because I grew up here - but that’s very different to justifying it.

Personally speaking, I couldn’t listen to someone in a bar romanticising about the troubles. Although I’ve my own beliefs, I never force them on my own kids.

And that’s why I get slightly paranoid here posting about the north…in case I come across as some sort of super-defensive nordie, or worse - here to justify things that people disagree with.


On a lighter note (and nothing to do with politics)….

I was at a Halloween event last night at the club and saw some fella with ankle tight jeans and white sneakers with glitter/diamond bottoms.

Being quite oul fashioned…I thought wtf.

He walked past us and it was a well known Tyrone player. Either MH is doing fashion classes…or I’m getting old.


Blanket defences in a nutshell :wink:

My father moved from Lifford to Dublin in 1969 so never really experiences The Troubles as such but as a child I was fascinated by it all as we would have to cross the border twice every journey and we were always told to behave ourselves at the border in case we drew attention to ourselves (not that we had anything to hide but the British Army normally didn’t need an excuse).

In my teenage years, I was involved a lot with Co-operation North through school around 94/95 and met people my age from both sides of the divide and listening to their stories was heartbreaking & you could feel that in them they needed something positive to happen to improve their lot in NI.


Know that feeling. Was in the Ard Comhairle in Croker for a league game a few years back and saw some lad with his back to me in ridiculous garb and a woolen hat on indoors in the warmth. ‘State of yer man’ I thought to myself, only for him to turn around and reveal himself to be the demigod that is Paul Flynn. Kids these days…


It’s good to share your Ulster heritage with the group.

There are many less-fortunate posters here who are afflicted with having only Dublin genes.

For some reason Bart never took up my offer of wanting a DVD of Ulster’s finest low-scoring games.


Talking of Paul Flynn…

He walked past us a few years ago in HP for a league game. The one that DC got the last minute winner.

He then stood in the middle of a bunch of dub fans across from the stand.

Think he was injured then but the strange thing is that he wasn’t decked out in Dublin gear and wasn’t neesr the players bench. So not sure if he travellled with the team or friends.

Reminded me of myself…tall, lean, handsome etc. Ahem.


The problem is that the other half of my gene pool is from Cork!


You mean the type that would wear a poppy to a remembrance day service while sporting a Nazi neck tattoo



My maternal grandmother was a Mallon from south Armagh … not an ideal holiday location when we were kids …


What a picture…sums them up to a tee.


Not at all, apart from how yiz play football.


Just a small but not insignificant point,included in those figures are a lot of people who were collaborators, touts, contractors building the torture centers and in most cases unintended victims of premature explosions.

On a personal level I never had a problem with people who built and repaired the bases from which the RUC and British Army launched their attacks on the Nationalist / Republican community being attacked.


Talking of here…the circus goes on.

Karen Bradley (sec of state) got the parties together today - then cleared off early to get a flight back to London.

In fairness there’s not a pile she can do - especially with DUP having so much leverage.

But this place must still be the Siberia for English politicians.


Just saw 1976 on BBCs Pop Goes Northern Ireland - grim. 308 died that year - second worst of the troubles. So many innocents and children. And these fcukers would have us all back there in a heartbeat.


Hasn’t even got the poppy on right


Thats a scary show. Scary because it really happened.

For perspective…saw a show on Yemen the other night. Approx 12,000 people have died with another 50,000 dead from starvation.

That’s in the space of a year.

Almost 90% of Saudi arms are supplied by the US and UK.

I get the economics and real politik of the arms trade…but hard to reconcile with morality.


Never knew that. I see he has a UVF badge as well.


■■■■ real poilitik. The western powers have been the truly evil bastards on this planet for years now. The U.N. is a sham. It’s like the vintners sponsoring Drinkaware- a sick joke.