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Gregory Campbell gives off at people for not wearing poppies on the basis they aren’t showing respect.

Yet says nothing at loyalist paramilitaries for wearing theirs. Something I’m sure would shock most veterans in England.

Every year loyalists have their own wreath laying ceremonies on Remembrance Sunday.

It’s cringeworthy to watch the UDA lay wreaths at a mural while some usually fat bloke bugles the last post. From an organisation who are up to their necks in criminality.

There’s a famous photo of Torrens Knight (UDA) who was convicted of the Greysteel Massacre, being led out of court and shouting at the victims families whilst wearing his poppy.

I never once heard Gregory Campbell or anyone in the DUP, complain that loyalists were disrespecting the memory of British soldiers and should stop wearing them.


Absolutely vile creature. Don’t care that he’s a supposedly born again Christian. Him and his ilk should never ever be forgiven for what they did


Shows the toxic mix of protestant fundamentalism with many loyalists…one of the Shankill Butchers became born again. Billy Wright the same.

Torrens Knight said it was ‘Sin’ that made him do bad things, as if it took control of his body.

From the same man that laughed and taunted the victims families in Court. After getting early release, he got sent back to prison for giving two girls a hiding at a disco.

His accomplice that night at Greysteel…Stehen Irwin…also got early release, and got sent back after slashing a man with a Stanley knife at a football game. He later joined Combat 18.

Both wore their poppies to court at Greysteel, and I’m sure they’ll be wearing them next week. C’mon Gregory…how do those degenerates show respect to Britain’s war dead.


Some people are just ■■■■■. Doesn’t matter if they wear a poppy or shop in Dunnes. They are ■■■■■ and that’s not the fault of poppies or Dunnes Stores.

I’m sure there are murderers and paedophiles wearing Easter Lillys and Dubs jersies.


For sure.

My issue is the DUP give off at James McClean for ‘disrespecting’ the Poppy…but say nothing when loyalist groupings wear them as a matter of course.

If it’s a respect issue…I’m sure war veterans in England are more horrified at the thought of loyalists joinging in the act, than they are objectors such as McClean.


But but but … they all love queen and country.

I was over Ypres way last year and there was 4/5 heavily tattooed, biker-like Ingerland types there with no necks and leather with Lest We Forget all over - and that was just the women. I overheard an old buck with a NI accent and a young lad with him in an Irish rugby jersey asking them what regiment of the army they were in. Turns out not one of them was! One spluttered something about the reserve. They hadn’t even the balls to be in the army and serve their country but were the ultimate jingoists with their bluster and bullshit and memorabilia and tattoos and attitude. Some neck … for no necks …


Loyalist paramilitaries don’t wear poppies in individual acts of remembrance…they do so as groupings.

The reason is they genuinely believe they were part of the wider British army.

Every year they have their own ceremonies where the drug dealers get to wear their shiny new suits and gold chains looking as somber as can be.

Then they get tanked. Last year they knocked the dung out of each at a social club in east Belfast that made all the papers.

And yet they paint ‘Lest We Forgot’ on their murals.

Deluded gangsters.


Ps I do kid’s birthday parties at the weekends if anyone wants me to bring a bit of cheer?


Heyyyy! Is that you Barney? :open_mouth::heart_eyes:



This one…


Torrens Knight personifies Loyalism.

Stole money from his grandmother - took drugs and got involved in criminality - murdered some taigs and taunted their families - got early release and gave two girls a hiding at a disco - found God and blamed the devil for his sins.

I’m not sure if there’s a hell…but if there is, he’s going to roast in it.


He would have gone right to the top if he had joined the British Army.


Well…if you ever read up on him, there’s lot of reports/rumours he was a paid informant.

Apparently he was withdrawing large sums of money from a bank account with over 50k, and the bank got suspicious and notified the authorities. The bank was assured it was kosher - but soon after the account was closed.


Wonder how IRA or INLA or some other faction hasnt taken him out ? He wouldn’t be missed.


Too busy blowing up innocent people, it would make u wonder.


Al…for fear of sounding like I’m justifying violence:

Whilst republicans killed civilians, the majority of their targets were members of the RUC/UDR etc.

On the other hand, Loyalists saw the entire catholic community as legitimate targets.

That won’t mean much to someone who’s been a victim of republicans…but make no mistake that loyalists were nakedly sectarian.

And it still exists in loyalist areas today. Just come up on the 11th night to see what’s put on top of bonfires.


they have a real problem with the ivory coast


Malcolm Sutton’s bare stats support that. 85% (878 people) of the victims of Loyalist Paramilitaries were civilians, compared to 35% (723 people) civilians killed by Republicans. The question is, taking into account the overall situation presiding in the province over those 30+ years, can the murder of 723 innocent people be justified, contextualised or excused morally? I suppose everybody will have their own views on that, mine is that Republicans were much too blasé about risking and taking the life of innocent people.


Talking of which…nothing beats Willy Frazer confusing the Italian and Irish flags.

A few years back he passed a primary school in Donaghmore, Tyrone and described it as “The junior headquarters of SF/IRA youth, or it may as well be.” He also wrote: “I wonder do they also train the children in how to use weapons?

Turns out it was an Italian flag.

The school was flying the Italian, Turkish and Polish flags in honour of 11 teachers from schools in Poland, Italy and Turkey who visited the Co Tyrone school for a European integration project.

Out of interest…it’s also the primary school that P Harte teaches in.