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Don’t talk. Gregory Campbell is on the radio every November giving off about James McClean.

I’m convinced him and others like him, scour the tv looking for anyone who’s not wearing one.

Jon Snow summed it up well when he called it poppy fascism.


The wankers like Campbell are terrified. Their day is done.


Fair play to Stoke they specifically said in their statement today that nobody should be forced to wear one


A chilling reminder at the weekend.



Yer missus remind you it was your annual turn to press your shirts?



The EU to Disband story made me laugh. And it’s probably true too!


Never fails to make me laugh…


Unioninst have created a hierarchy of victims, it’s why the refuse a peace a reconciliation process as they refuse to accept any wrong doing on their side.


Heard a couple of interviews with him now, he seems a bit vague on any kind of detail and genuinely a bit clueless. To take coming a distant second in a two horse race as a mandate to set up a new party is kinda funny though. Sean effing Gallagher came second last time around, he wasn’t dumb enough to let that go to his head.


It’s the perfect description. Respect to James McClean on that one. stood his ground.


And they have been ably assisted in that deed by their lap-dogs in the Dublin media, especially by the gated community in Montrose.

Still waiting on an RTE special on the Plastic Bullet victims and the deliberate targeting of children by the RUC and British Army.


I wouldn’t say it’s “clueless” as much as realising that there is no key issue to hold together even a substantial minority of people who voted for him as a coherent political group.

Renua tried to appeal to range of people on anti abortion, tax, crime, basically old PD right of centre economics but that bombed. Irish politics is just not friendly to ideological politics which is why all of main parties drift to centre and all currently embrace basically same positions on main issues with lets face it trivial arguments over marginal tax rates and social welfare cuts. Even the far left have stopped using the word socialism!

Populism in Europe is a different beast as it is generally left of centre economically and opposed to mass immigration which appeals to people who used to support old social democratic and communist left.

Casey is to the right economically and supports mass immigration, so above is quite a substantial target group(s) already ruled out!

Many people liked his two fingers to the insufferable O’Toole and Mulally and Holland and their ilk, but that’s not the basis for a sustainable party.


I presume you don’t ‘take’ the Irish Times …


I do when I cleaning up dog shite.


Unusual for a Trump supporter.



I’ve stopped giving off to myself about people here wearing poppies. Must be mellowing.

But it still maddens me to hear poppy-supporters giving hell at those who don’t.

For me, James McClean showed more principle than say Roy Keane who wears his on telly for a few weeks like a fashion broach.

Whatever reasons people have for wearing poppies, there’s no doubt it’s also used by many to sanitise and glorify needless wars in the past.

In the middle of Cookstown is a WW1 cenotaph for ‘Our Glorious Dead’. It’ll be covered in poppies in few weeks time by the OO. If that’s not sanitising war I’m not sure what is.


It strikes me as a very similar response to how Kaepernick and other NFL players are treated in America for standing up (or not in that case) for their beliefs without any real concern or thought given to their beliefs, only a straight and simple “they’re wrong” mentality