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Fine Gael asks Kerry All-Star Kieran Donaghy to run in next election


Casey promising to set up new traditionalist Fianna Fáil having been - as he knew he would be - refused membership of the current one!

Interesting move. I wonder does he have connections to the old Blaneyite Independent FF whose vote was largely taken in recent elections by SF.

He seems intent on not going away, anyway.


I hope its a diaster like the time they asked garaghty in meath.


Course it will be when his answer to every question will be " a dublin fella stole my AI medal "


I’m also very conscious not to degrade anyone…it’s not that long ago Paisley was comparing us to vermin.

But if I’ve a criticism of the travelling community, it’s their resistance to integrate.

I see kids from all nationalities and skin colours take part in local sports with local kids…with their Tyrone accents. I think it’s great.

My wife’s nieces and nephews live in NY. Although her brother and wife still speak with Tyrone accents, and the kids have Irish names…the kids are as American as the locals, talk American and see themselves that way.

I think that’s why Irish people in the states have done so well.

But we have a travelling community beside us, and despite kids being 4th or 5th generation, and having been born and bred here…they still speak with a strong traveller brogue and don’t associate with locals.

I don’t know whether it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy, but they have no active involvement in the community. The GAA may as well be alien.

The kids don’t go to college and having worked in education, I know it is a common practise amongst young girls to get married at 17 or so. A real shame as I’m sure many of them are very capable.

There was a report done a few years in England about the failure of the Asian community to integrate…especially those who are British / Pakistani.

And I think no matter what nationality / ethnic group you are from…the way to succeed is to integrate without having to lose your identity.

The ultimate losers are traveller kids who with greater self-awareness, must be asking why they’re on the outside looking in.


Think they call it the cricket test, born and bred in England and support Pakistan over England.

Difference between Pakistanis and travellers is that we are of the same ethnicity. Travellers by there very name chose a nomadic life apart from the vast majority who now want houses.

Again what’s dressed up as culture is not actually culture it’s a thuggish outsider lifestyle where ignoring the laws and norms of society are encouraged. Take john Connors tweets for example excusing looting and calling police scum would not be tolerated of another person with a public profile.


I’m being really careful to avoid mentioning any negative stereotypes associated with travellers.

We now have lots of people here in Tyrone from different countries and ethnic backgrounds…any by and large the kids have fitted in really well which is great to see. Having exported so many of our poor people over the centuries, it’s right we give back.

So it can’t just be down to ‘settled’ people being racist.

My wife helps out at the parish (or got roped into it) and has visited traveller girls prior to marriage and baptism. And she comes back saying the same thing that it’s unheard off for a young girl to go into education or marry outside their community.

The fact that there are only a half dozen traveller surnames…says a lot about how isolation is self-imposed.

I think Pavee Point are failing their own community by asking for halting sites and excusing the inexcusable by using ‘culture’. For a start, they should be doing a lot more to tackle the reasons why girls are discouraged from going into education or getting careers.

In this day and age, in a modern liberal
society, it’s awful to see young girls effectively pressed into forced marriage. Or for that matter, young lads expected to quit school as soon as they can.


And John Bailey in Dun Laoghaire.


I think what #upthedall describes is on the money. Young arranged marriages and early births were the norm in the majority of Ireland not long ago, but if an argument is to be made that what we have now is better, and I think it is, then it’s irresponsible to leave traveller kids behind.

That would be my issue, not with adults who make a choice, but kids who have choices made for them that don’t do them much good.


That is perhaps the most relevant point. There are external reasons for some of travellers problems, but a lot of them are internal.

Unfortunately some of the negativity is justified - as it is by British liberals in regard to the appalling attitudes of many Islamists to women, gays and Jews - under the excuse of “cultural relativism.”

Thus you have liberals who would have a blue fit if an Irish Catholic or Protestant advocated the prevention of girls pursuing higher education, or the mutilation of infant girls, but who excuse it if it happens to be part of the “culture” of whatever group the liberals have decided to adopt. Mostly without knowing the first thing about them!


I ve never heard or read of anyone outside of hardline Islamists advocate fgm. Name these liberals tumbles ?


I didn’t say they advocate it. I said they excuse it. They are completely silent on an abomination that is well documented as being carried out in this country.

There is a substantial literature on “cultural relativism” which is the basic belief by some, many indeed, western liberals and academics that “we” have no moral basis for condemning what would be considered backward and even barbarous practises here.

Same applies to certain aspects of traveller culture even where they are clearly negative and harm travellers themselves/


Well I ve never read of anyone excusing it either . Tbh I ve only ever read it being condemned for the barbaric practice it is.


Education was absolutely key in helping the Catholic community up here.

Even today, the top 10 performing schools are from the Catholic maintained sector.

It’s a bit like the first generation of Indian immigrants in England, who worked long hours so their kids could get educated and have an easier life than they did.

To remove kids from education or a place where they can learn a trade…almost guarantees the next generation won’t improve their lot. It’s so self-defeating.


Im surprised by some of the comments on here regarding travelers all all say is languange that dehumanises of any sector of society leads to extreme marginalization, lack of integration and ultimately 2nd class citizens. I don’t think there are any simple solutions but ultimately I would invest heavily in education over the long term.


Hard to believe it’s 25 years since the Greysteel massacre. Loughinisland is 25 years next year too. Hopefully those days are behind us although Brexit makes me fear otherwise

Probably the greatest Irishman of the 2nd half of the 20th Century. Would have made a fine President IMO


He sacrificed his mental health for peace. A giant among men.


Will Jeffrey Donaldson and Jim Allister be tweeting about this massacre today or is it only unionists deaths that matter to them?


They might be too busy rounding on any soccer player who refuses to wear a Poppy.


Or ironing their white KKK costumes