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This might be the one two far for Shane Ross backing vat hike for tourist/hospitality sector. In a list of terrible ministers he is really leading the way. At least he got stepaside garda station reopened.


Did you rent it out?


In a portocabin out the back! They laugh at him.


Should be opinion polls over weekend. Possibly one on Presidency tomorrow and Sunday polls on party standings in wake of Budget.

Presidential election is really a damp squib. Turnout of well under 50% looks likely. The one minute intros were almost laughable. In what other country would the main qualification for wanting to be President be having sold a few apartments and run a few shops?

Alternatively you can vote for a “New Ireland” (presumably as opposed to an “Old Ireland” which would mean revising the words of Seán South from Garryowen to include the line “Another martyr for New Ireland, Seán South from Garryowen.”

Or for the establishment of a National Wellness Day. Will there be a chicken supper and free cans?

Not exactly fkn JFK or de Gaulle is it?


I did for most of the time 4 and a bit of the 5 and a bit years since i came back - i had no option to.

To get another mortgage with our bank and take the negative equity with us to a new place we needed permanent jobs - so my wife continued to work nights in Galway while i worked in Dublin and passed my probationary period in work. For a few months we rented out 3 rooms of the house to a lady my wife worked with who was in a bind , we kept a room for my wife to sleep in after night shifts. The lady who rented off us , sub let the other two rooms.

Then when we were trying to sell the house we asked the lady to move out as we reckoned it would be easier to sell the house with no tenants in there.

When it wasn’t looking like we would sell anytime soon , we applied for a second mortgage with another bank. so when that came through we rented out the full house the last 4 years. the rent doesn’t cover the mortgage and associated bills - never has. Being Tax compliant it results in a ~2.5K tax bill a year.

During the time between moving to Dublin and moving into our current house - ~16 months - we lived in a room in my in-laws house - my wife continued to work nights in galway - she was doing this untill she got signed off from work at around 7 months through her pregnancy.

We essentially started again with the new house , the disposable income you have when buying your first house (two of you working full time and no kids) to make it easier to kit out your TV’s sofas beds etc wasn’t there second time around.

We are over the worst of it now - we are home we are settled , The loans from setting up again are nearly paid off.

I can see why the government upped that to 100% (up from 75% and from 80%) it might make things easier for some people not on trackers - i’m on a tracker rate so 80% to 100% equates to 500 extra i can write off so 250 euro in my pocket (another fiver a week better off). My house in Dublin is on a fixed rate - so by comparison it would equate to 1400 extra.

If i kept a room like we did when i first moved to Dublin , we could have made use of the rent a room scheme allows you to earn 14K tax free and continued to claim TRS on the mortgage.
If i did that i might have made a contribution to the Dublin county board to buy one football for each club !


No. Because if those fellas were Irish, they would be running for Taoiseach not token President.


Well, that’s as may be but you would imagine that they might have used the opportunity to present some sort of a “vision.” Probably best that they don’t given the ones involved, but even so, other than MDH who is charismatic in an annoying way and Casey who seems just mad, the rest of them have the personality of your average tree.

Gallagher’s long term ambition is intriguing given that he clearly has a large enough appeal but difficult to see where he might fit into ordinary Dáil or Euro politics and had that chance since 2011 anyway. SF seem to have badly misjudged it as chance to test waters before next generals, but I suspect it won’t mean much even your woman bombs as seems likely. Their bottom line will still be 14/15%

Freeman is disappointing as she has actually done some useful stuff but her campaign is based on meaningless platitudes. What the fk is a National Well Meaning Day? A pro life stance would not win an election but she ought at least have the courage to put her position up front.

The shop keepers are just a parody of themselves and the world of virtual reality which has foisted them upon us.


You’d wonder would an upfront pro life stance actually increase her chances. Surely it would encourage more of the people who voted No to vote for her? IF she got 33% of the vote (far fetched and purely based on theNo vote) she might be close enough to challenge especially if the rest take little bits from MDH vote


Are we not talking about airports? :grin:






Had to go. Optics were appalling, even for this country.


Mad thing is the opposition hadn’t even called for his head yet.

Looking like Frances is on her way back into Govt


Fianna Fáil’s Timmy Dooley said “nobody on this side of the house” called for the resignation of Mr Naughten and he expressed sympathy for Mr Naughten.

Must be a first.


Fibre Optics… no pun intended.


A very incompetent minister, it would seem. He bought the lunch.


Ah ha

That explains that then

Also :eyes:

Leo addressing the Dail shortly. Hardly going to call an election is he :thinking:


If he hadn’t jumped there would have been a vote of no confidence, and it wouldn’t have come from the junior Government Party.


I didn’t see it, but did he try to throw Leo under the bus on the six one news?


Those ■■■■■ see nothing wrong in what he did, that’s why they didn’t call for him to resign.

■■■■■ of a different shade that’s all.