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Good thinking.


Moving around serial child rapists to protect them and threatening their victims was rightly condemned when practised by the Catholic Church and other institutions here and abroad.

There is a list as long as your arm of prominent republicans mostly from Belfast, and many of them closely related to the leadership, who were similarly protected, and it is ongoing. A former OC of Dublin and Southern Command was recently extradited on a child rape charge. Some of that which became known to RUC Special Branch and MI5 was undoubtedly used as a lever in forcing the IRA to disarm and disband.

So, jokes about cats are pretty much down the pecking order.


Note the uk plates and the lack of any signage identifying the party to which this candidate is standing for. The hypocrisy of using the slogan “new Ireland” or Eire Nua will not be lost on Republicans.


Why is she not putting SF on her posters or literature? Seems a bit odd.

Higgins doesn’t have Labour in his official ones either. Labour have their own ones up but his ones only mention his name. So sign of the red rose.


Whether I agree or not with the reasoning, I can only presume that as Higgins is supported by 3 of the main parties and having none named on his own posters is possibly in respect of that.
sinn fein candidate is a single party nominee, why she chooses to distance herself from the party, I presume is strategy.


Labour is a toxic brand at the moment they would ■■■■ up bilbos chances rightly if they plastered their name. Oh the halycyon days of 2011 where labour’s way not Frankfurt was the order of the day and Gilmore for taoseach. The ■■■■■.


Questions for you…

Do you think that IRA members who engaged in Sexual assaults were doing so on behalf of the IRA?

Do you think that Christian Brothers who engaged in Sexual assaults were doing so on behalf of the Christian Brothers?

Do you think that civilian School Teachers who engaged in Sexual assaults were doing so on behalf of the other School Teachers or the Department of Education?

Do you think that Garda members who engaged in Sexual assaults were doing so on behalf of the Garda?

Do you think that Defence Forcce members who engaged in Sexual assaults were doing so on behalf of the Defence Forces?

Etc etc etc…

Do you think that the perps mentioned above are to be found in ANY large organisation?

Do you agree that they are EVERYWHERE in our society?

I would like you to address the alleged issue of victims being threatened by supplying PROOF, and by that I don’t mean uncorroborated allegations, innuendo or throw-away remarks from Indo type people with a vested interest.

That you intimate that alleged knowledge of sexual deviant Republicans by the hated RUC lead to decommissioning makes me seriously doubt your knowledge on the entire subject. Are you not aware of the RUC / M15 and MI6 involvement in Kincora and several other Paedophile rings?

Least I be misunderstood or misrepresented I have nothing below hatred for ANYone who engages in such behaviour, be they IRA, RUC, SF, FF, FG etc etc etc


Intelligence manipulation of republicans through sexual blackmail was for exactly same ends that they used Kincora against loyalists and unionists, and British institutional abuse against high ranking members of Tories, Labour, Liberals, other branches of security services, media, trade unions and so on. It is oldest and most effective means to ensure complete compliance to objectives of the blackmailers.

In the case of IRA it was to ensure adherence to plan to close it down.

There is plenty of evidence regarding the involvement of senior republicans, Only recently Mairia Cahill’s accusations were supported by revelations regarding police interest - again strangely involving non prosecution - of the person she had named as her assailant. He was also involved in other sexual abuse cases. Why were they not pursued?

Likewise, why was the brother of Gerry Adams not prosecuted by RUC who knew that he had raped his daughter, and why was Liam Adams protected for so long within the IRA? Gerry Adams claims that he tried to have him thrown out but that this was rejected. That just does not stand up to scrutiny. Who in the republican movement was going to defy Adams, least of all over something like that!


You seem to be unaware that a LARGE number of RUC members including Special Branch were involved in Kincora. Telling tales was a two-way street.


Do you know who collapsed the Cahill case? I’ll give you a clue, it was a Female on the prosecution side.


Supply it so. If persons are guilty you are free to name them and I support and applaud you for doing so as such people are only scum, REGARDLESS of who they are.


Tell me how you know that the RUC knew, if you do, should at least 50% of your criticism be pointed their way?


LOADS of people, sure are there not long lines of people saying that they know he did this and that from the pushing of Humpty Dumpty to the sinking of the Titanic.


The budget, the scraps from Long Shanks table.

Good for the landlord and wealthy elite.

Not bad for those who choose not to work.

Majority of the Working man and women = scraps


Haven’t even looked at it. I know the drill. You have a fiver in that pocket, and I’ll take a tenner out of that pocket.


The are trying to keep the accidental landlords in the market.
I’ll be selling my house in Galway next year id say - at a loss from what i paid for it - but hopefully i’ll make a few quid out of it to put in the bank.

4 years ago i would have been selling it for ~120K below what i paid for it and would have took 70k negative equity with me.

Also when i sell it i’ll be taking the appliances with me , better stuff in there than my own gaff.


The vintners are crying about the VAT being raised back to where it was. The absolute cheek of them!


And your pint is?


I’m sick of their wine-ing!


:thinking: **. Scratches hipster beerd. **