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Didn’t Mary Lou not officially join Fianna Fail, yes or no?


Wrong AGAIN.


She was in Fianna Fáil:

Only claim that she was not in FF is from an article in An Phoblacht (same people who would have you believe that Bobby Sands died so that McGuinness could eat quail with the Queen and be in coalition with Paisley.) APRN said she attended meetings but did not join. A bit like Bill Clinton saying he smoked a joint but did not inhale :grinning:

She joined SF in either 2002 or 2003.


Seen as she ran for SF in May 2002 GE I would love to know your source on this.

Some of the stuff being discussed on here is Bazar and inaccurate with contrary points being argued for the sake of winding people up.


I am not nor have I ever been a labour or michael D voter. You choose to defend the sinn fein candidates decision not to display sinn fein on her posters by highlighting that michael d did not have labour on his. When a michael d poster with his name, image and labour on it was posted, you responded by stating “it’s not a michael d poster” . I stated earlier why I could understand michael d not having any one particular party on his posters, as he is supported by 3 main political parties it would have its own difficulties and that all seems reasonable and acceptable to me.
You have yet to clarify why you believe it’s acceptable for your parties candidate not to have its name on her posters bearing in mind she is not restricted by cross party support.


Was 2002 so. Wasn’t long before that election.

Paul Donnelly currently a councillor in Dublin West resigned because she had been parachuted in over the heads of his family who were the main chaps in the area. He only rejoined after a few years “dissidence” on being promised a safe council seat. He was co-opted as far as I can recall in place of Martin Christie who had topped the poll in 2004 in Mulhuddart, but was forced to resign over “borrowing” some money from his former employer.

Ah, lovely people …. Salt of the earth. Of course it is not ML’s fault that another of her protege’s one Jonathan Dowdall was also later forced to resign from DCC over the small matter of water boarding someone in his garage.


A certain Councillor Kehoe was in situ in Dublin 7 before ML.


Did you say something about “Salt of the Earth” type people?

Taxpayers money…

Guns and glassing…

Borrowing a diamond ring

A really really really decent bloke…

Another beaut…

Tip of the Ice-Berg…Lovely people.


Lovely people indeed. Sure aren’t we a great little country?


Honest umpire seems to be under impression that anyone who points to foibles of SF must be defender of FG and FF! Rather strange logic. “Oh, look, we are no worse than they are.” :Especially given that shiinners ONLY chance of being in power in 26 counties will be as junior party of one of the above.

They are all the same, more or less. Protecting child rapists, including close family members of leaders possibly puts shinners ahead of the curve when it comes to the dark side.

Would you seriously trust them to mind your cat? Unless you want your cat to end up with an ar$e like a wizard’s sleeve.


Correct, he was part of her canvass team too, even issued a leaflet asking people to support her. Sometimes people shout a lot of stuff because the dislike a person or party and know little of the persons personal life or circumstances.


The heads on those two Gaelers. Parliamentary Assistant me arse.


Ah ffs, I’ll never get that image out of my head when I’m at the Harry Potter Annual Convention now!!


Such a lot of effort for a post … on a GAA forum.


In the “IRISH POLITICS” section.


Yeah but nobody gives a sh1t here except 3 or 4. It’s like Dali doing a painting and only showing it to his mates down the pub


Source in was 2002 then, as the election was may and the candidate selection in Nov 2001 I really want to see this.

I hate im stuck defending SF here, but I’m fed up with the incorrect opinion’s being stated as fact latley.


Same logic applies here


That could also be said of some other peoples contribution, if someone doesn’t like it then ignore it or don’t contribute. Have a word with the mods, they might introduce a Section 31 type Fatwa.


Your GENUINE and touching concern for victims of sexual abuse gives me hope for a better future for this Country.