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That’s correct, Fianna Fail were not founded until 10 years AFTER the 1916 Rising and Fine Gael were not founded until 1933 which gave them just enough time to get their people ready for Franco.


Sinn Fein presidential election candidate O Riada’s barefaced guile on radio to claim Sinn Fein not identified on her Election posters as her campaign is above party politics or tripe to that effect. Posters printed, payed for and put up by sinn fein. She is the sinn fein candidate, her campaign will be ran by sinn fein and her canvassing will be carried out by sinn fein supporters. Like the party itself they will be all things to all people and essentially nothing to anyone.


Imagine that Lowry may hold the balance of power in some Dail votes?


She was on 7% in first poll and internal polls show her not doing much better. Which explains SF basically ditching her before a vote has been cast! Hence the non party pastel posters for a “New Ireland.” Wow! Inspirational stuff :smile:

SF are competing with MDH for liberal vote and will lose out on rural vote to Gallagher and Freeman to lesser extent, although what would possess anyone to vote for Gallagher is beyond me.

If he can gain some traction and sympathy over being stitched up by McGuinness - he can count himself fortunate among chuckle brother’s other victims - then he might build some steam, but how many people remember that? Seems like most obvious to come second.


Not like SF to make such a balls of things.


Trying to be all things to all men. Nothing about their campaign would give any clue that they are fighting election as a republican party. Or even as a party! Won’t stop them claiming that anything north of 15% for your woman is triumph of course.

She is bad candidate. Won Euro seat on basis of strong showing by Toireasa Ferris time before that and on strong Kerry and Cork local organisation. O Riada is poor candidate and will do badly on the media as she doesn’t really stand for anything other than meaningless soundbites.

Will be interesting as first real exposure of post Adams yawning gap between the movement’s past and its banal present and future as boring middle of the road liberal party. Lads in the undefeated army tee shirts will be hard dragged away from the TV and high stool for this one I suspect!


A normal person would describe what happened as exposing the FF bagman.


Labour Party election candidate barefaced guile avoiding the radio so as not to answer why Labour is not on his election posters, why Labour are paying for a lot of the Higgins posters. He is the secret Labour Party candidate, Labour people will be canvassing for him, Labour tried to be Blueshirt lapdogs and paid the price whilst their Park Poodle signed their water bill into law as his party slid below the water line.


That was your reply to your pal Nappertandy who was saying how much of everything about her was “Shinnerism” bought and paid etc etc and you reply IN SUPPORT by saying how they ditched her BEFORE they printed her posters …Do try to keep up, your HQ will not be pleased!


Michael D has the backing of all the main political parties bar the provos and it could be argued for him to name all of them on his posters. If he only put labour on them,while it might be correct, it would be denying the broad political support he has. The Provo candidate is singularly supported by one political party namely sinn fein, the fact that her campaign team chooses to drop the party name from her literature tells you if you didn’t know already that there is nothing they won’t toss overboard for a vote. Expect a name change for the party sooner rather than later.


For 30yrs the provo leadership hi-jinxed their supporters down the road to constitutional nationalism, constantly able to hoodwink their supporters with conspiracy while avoiding the truth. Now when they have arrived in the cul de sac of constitutional nationalism the truth and reality become unbearable. Below is a pic of Michael Ds election poster obvious that labour is printed on it, but then I’m no provo.


Re-read my post it says HIS election posters. The posters you show are Labour Party posters being displayed by increasingly concerned Labour Party activists who are hoping that the crumbs from Master Higgins table might fall their way.

I see that roaring success Aodhán Ó Ríordáin in the photo. In 2011 he has 22.5% of the vote in his area but fell to 7.7% in 2016. His party went from 431,796 1st preferences in 2011 to 140,898 1st preferences in 2016.


Now THAT would attract the votes, wonder why he doesn’t do it?


I sure that a LOT of people in this Country who lived through Section 31 of the Broadcasting Act know very little of the truth.

The old message from the gated community in Montrose was “Give them the mushroom treatment, keep them in the dark and feed them bullsh1t”

You are clearly a product of such a system.


Lads, am a bit lost here, are you saying if I vote Ni Riada I am voting for the provisional IRA?

Or am I voting for a candidate from a party which is the oldest party, has the most members across the island of Ireland?

To be honest none of them are worth voting for, not even Bilbo Baggins.


And that was before Aodhan went back on his word and sought a seat in the Senate when he said he wouldn’t. Then he went organizing protests in New York against a legitimately elected president. You couldn’t make it up.


What part of O Riada’s poor showing in the poll, and SF pretending that she is not their candidate is untrue?

Perhaps it is yourself who needs to “keep up.”

I don’t have an “HQ”.

A person does not have to fit some infantile classification to see through the shinners.


I think you will find if you step out of your trench, that the vast majority know the truth and it would require a lot of ignorance and blind faith to accept the provo version. Whatever about the merits of fighting a war to end British rule, not one life was worth a rebrand.


Im in my late 30s so I only have only a vague recollection of the Broadcasting ban but I have no doubt these types of policies and the power of Unionists like Conor Cruise O’Brien had on the Irish media & state policy influenced those who lived in Ireland at the time. I am still amazed by the ignorance of some who lived through the troubles as to the cause of the conflict and the lack of knowledge regarding the religious persecution, gerrymandering, forced relocations etc… I include my older siblings in this who brought up in the same house with a 10 year gap have a completely different view of Irelands recent history then the younger family member.

I suppose if your programed to think a certain way its very difficult to look back and asses things independently.


Napper is clearly a republican. Not sure of what vintage although he seems to be old enough to have been subject to Section 31, as were all republicans. Unlike yourself I suspect. And certainly unlike O Riada, who was actually working for an organisation that enforced the ban, and McDonald who was member of the party that introduced it! (Yes, it was Gerry Collins the FF Minister, not Conor Cruise O’Brien as is sometimes thought.)

In fairness to MDH he was Minister who abolished Section 31 as part of the process of neutering the Provisional movement in the mid 1990s.