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Media have decided they don’t like Freeman or her loan sources. Cheerio.


Could say the same for any candidate associated with murderous dictators in the Vatican.


You would probably have to go back to the Borgias to back that one up!

In any event Higgins’ heroes in the Castro Gang managed to murder twice as many people in ten years than the Inquisition killed in 600 years. But do carry on ….

Higgins and O Riada remind me a bit of the absurd characters invented by Steven Van Zandt who worked in Norwegian social services in Lilyhammer :grinning:


Who killed Hyman Roth?


Wait, Hyman Roth is dead?


Yeah. But I didn’t ask who gave the order, because it had nothing to do with business.


Money for a Presidential campaign? Are all the Stickies forged fivers and dodgy dollars gone?


I’ll fight the pair of yis for first place in the q.


Louth TD Peter Fitzpatrick has resigned as a member of Fine Gael.

Fitzpatrick said his decision was based on a lack of support from the party.

"Unfortunately over the past 15 months I have not been given the same support from Fine Gael as I had given them.

“My views were not always listened to and I felt isolated within the party itself.”


He didn’t like the outcome of the Repeal the 8th!!!


That plus Martin Sludden would be too much for any man to take!


Drama queen


Ah stop. @Iomaint is as sound as a trout!


Can you microwave a trout?


Tumbles, didn’t reply to my last reply, or you were wrong and want to move on.

I would hazard a guess to what party you are. or not


Reply to your point about McDonald and O Riada?

Fact is that O Riada only joined SF shortly before she ran in Euro elections and McDonald in 2003.

Which would be fine if they were both young ones who had been unable to put their shoulder to the wheel when being a republican actually brought with it some danger. They both happen to be in their early 50s so obviously decided for various reasons only to join when it was safe and a good career move.

As Ernie O’Malley once said “It is easy to sleep on another man’s wound.” Or hunger strike, or prison sentence or whatever. Lots of people died so that certain people could have comfortable lives as career politicians. Ce la vie. Just don’t pretend that it had anything to wo with what it was all supposed to be about.


I see your point now, but don’t think its relevant in this case sure most of the dail are career politicians, some 2 or 3 generations of career politicians. I am trying to figure you out that’s all.

I am also a fan of O Malley, a man who is not commonly known as others from that period and after. Another mans would gets pulled out from time to time.


I think it was rocco lampone


Well, electoral politics does attract a certain type for sure.

Not many, however, are coming from background where their party - if not themselves as in above cases - were involved in armed conflict that cost thousands of lives, and many more severely disrupted lives.

O Riada is not even advertising fact she is SF on her posters “for a New Ireland” in soft pastel shades who give little or no indication as to what it was all about. Sad really given all that happened.


Should she have worn her balaclava and beret.