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The war was fought for a British withdrawal, the list you posted above is eye wash. While welcome from a civil rights perspective, they are not armed struggle achievements.




She is in her 50s and joined SF 4/5 years ago. Party leader, who is around same age, was in FF when FF were locking up republicans and extraditing them to the north and Britain.

I’m sure all the people who actually did something must feel honoured by their agreeing to jump on the band wagon ……




sickening. :tired_face:

Like JP with his huge and generous gift to the GAA, i’d prefer if he just paid tax in ireland.


Not sure what you mean by your post,

However wasn’t Mary Lou McDonnell if that who you are referencing only with FF fro 6 months and didn’t officially join the party?


All you Mickey D supporters I hope you are donating to his good cause. I would of though Mickey would have had 50 thou under the mattress going a begging.


jesus wept even raising a campaign funds is news now? what next mikkey Dee expect free air? … i’d vote for him, not arsed donating to him.


Being Anti abortion will help her with the FF grass routs but Gallagher being a true soldier of destiny will tie up most of them.


Freeman is only stated anti abortion candidate but seems a bit apologetic about it! It is amazing how grovellish candidates become when it comes to begging for votes.

Will probably vote for her as very best of an embarrassingly bad bunch. Main question will be in what order Higgins and O Riada come as 5 and 6 :grinning:

O Riada judging by her ecumenical posters seems to have forgotten that she joined the shinners four years ago!


Joan Freeman is (Iona Institute) Maria Steen’s Aunt. That’s enough for me to rule her out completely.

John McGuirk has also publicly backed Joan Freeman now, that pretty much hammers the final nail for Auntie Joan I’d say.


Jesus. I didn’t know that. She’s out for me now too.

So there’s actually no one to vote for. Bloody hell.


I know this is totally inappropriate but id give that Maria Steen a rattle, nothing better then hate sex.

Ill get my coat


Don’t know anything about Joan Freeman, but being related to someone or another shouldn’t rule anyone in or out of an election imo. Can only judge them on their own record, which (again) in my opinion, she would better serve the country in the charity sector, than wasting away as a symbolic head of state in the Park.


It’s all about symbolics ,


Higgin’s infatuation with murderous Latin American dictators trumps any of the others’ foibles :grinning:


Couldn’t agree more!!!


Good call Hawkeye. Spotted like a hawk!


Get in the queue chief!