Irish Politics


In fairness to Finian the machine is not just for his constituents


I’m not going to defend Ross, but would you not agree that you could apply that label to most politicians?




This is his job!! Hello!! It was not for him and it was necessary for patient care!


Ross is a more insufferable g** bag than most.


As I said, I am not going to defend Ross. You’re going very easy on him, there, in fairness.


Hilarious to watch Eoghan O’Carroll Kelly Murphy attempting to defend himself on the news tonight! I needed a laugh.


Well said sir.


■■■■ still made it through.


Líadh Ní Ríada looks a decent candidate. Late bolter?


Doubt it. SF still toxic to a lot of people.


I would vote for her over the others but still undecided to vote for her or spoil my vote with a big Go F@ck Yourselves.


Unlike Labour, Fianna Fail or Fine Gael, eh?


Yes. Different level of toxicity completely.

Joan Freeman I reckon. It’s a representative role. She would do a good job I suspect. The rest are either businessmen or liars.


Different level or different type?

As in, “Collins killed LOADS of people but that was ok” (FG) etc etc etc


Whatabouttery of the kind internet debates are based on. :smile:


Lawyers or liars or both…

The whole thing is a bit of a farce, the Dragons den election.

Liadh Ni Riada probably the best of a bad bunch, culturally enriched.


Based on the old Latin rule of “If I throw mud first you are not allowed to reply, NO MATTER how wrong I am” :rofl:


nah like just comparing something entirely different from history in a modern context as if they’re the same.


To what EXACTLY was I comparing it? …And the difference is / was???