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Mike Nesbit (previous Unionist leader) said he describes himself as British and Irish. He ran for the Ireland team when he was younger.

I’d say a fair amount of liberal unionists like being part of Europe (the UUP were anti-Brexit) and for the first time…a modern Dublin with its social values…seems more attractive than a little englander state that looks inwards and where the DUP rule the roost.

And the demographics are all pointing in one direction.

If there ever is a UI there’d have to be big changes.

Armagh would have to remain where it is…as would South Derry due to their accent. And Omagh would be the capital. Dublin would be absorbed by Meath with Ballymun given to Kerry for good measure. First president would be Peter Canavan.

So who’s with me? Anyone?


Daller. That’s you off the booze for sober October!!


Well funny you mention that, because sober October would be first to get the boot in any new UI. Would be replaced by Farmer’s February.

My plan might seem far fetched…but reckon I’ve backing from MayoMan.

I mean…what self-respecting Mayo fan wouldn’t want to see you be part of Meath in a new culchie Ireland??


Stay away from that illegal diesal shite yis peddle up there it’s obiviously effecting you! :+1:




You just ruined the moment Beeko. And put me off my lunch.

For punishment…in any UI…the last 4 Sams will be awarded to Kerry.


The minister for ‘nothing to do with me’ at it again.


He is an awful bollocks. Painful to listen to. You’d wonder what kind of knob-ends would vote for him.


He’s a fkn joke. A throwback to when doddery old Prods with lucky bag degrees and rich Daddies used to run the place. Barely even bothers concealing his contempt for the rest of us.

He has some neck for a chap whose political career ought have been finished years ago when he was caught with his cavalry twills down, literally, Ought to have been whipped in more ways than one :hushed:

As minister for sport he doesn’t even bother turning up for the peasant games. So he has missed seeing Seán Cluxton and Peter McMurphy and Bernard Fennell collecting Sam for the Dublin proles :grinning:



a good read that highlights again the problem with electing independents


Yea, its very easy to be a hurler on the ditch for years just snipping away at everyone. not that easy when you get the job.


Independents can hold a balance of power and have influence (Tony Gregory, Lowry and the lads down in Kerry) at times no point in voting for a Strong FF/FG candidate when they follow the party whip.

Ross sounded like a man who would drive change from his snipping before he got elected. that said , i don’t know how he got re-elected never mind topping the poll.


Celebrity politician, The Irish Donald Trump


Probably will again and all.


Don’t think i would go that far.

gift grub have him down to a T. they ask for his opinion on an issue as Shane Ross the politician and then Shane Ross the journo.


Article is bang on about him. Self serving windbag. Couldn’t be arsed attending Dail debate on the NTA bus corridor
Proposals last week,leaving it up to junior minister to deal with. Instead turned up in the Seanad the following day to give one of his Jim Hackeresque rambling speeches to the 2 senators present. Complete spoofer as his old pal Eamo would say.


Lord Ross I think has been found out as a spoofer. However, the independents who supported the government all got big election items for their constituencies and better being on the inside than the outside.

Finian McGrath got a very expensive medical device (Don’t know name) for Beaumont hospital for example


A gee bag of the highest order.


Independents got election items for their constituencies and constituents. Ross got ministry for himself.