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Ten years ago FF were doing their ridiculous giveaway budgets to buy elections instead of managing the countries finances prudently.


that’s a lie in itself. Income tax is higher now than 10 years ago


Don’t disagree. It’s the bailout and all the money we sunk into it that frustrates me. Still if I didn’t have to pay usc my family would be better of for it.



nothing to do with income tax. So again they are not lying when they say individual income tax is higher now than 10 years ago


You did not read the bottom links. The devil can quote scripture to suit himself. The rich will always want tax reduced. The poor will always want services.


The main reason we have such a low tax take relative to GDP is A) we have a disproportionately high GDP per capita versus other countries (Leprechaun Economics effectively) and B) we have a very low tax rate at lower income levels but reach higher rates quicker than most countries


I think every single person who earns should pay tax, even a small amount. They are part of society and the notion of being exempt should not be hailed as a good idea. Nobody should get a house for free but there should be social housing, built by the state- not developers. Rent should come from social welfare. All children’s allowances should stop, to be replaced by free school uniforms, books, transport, and hot meals in school. Schools should stay open from 8am to 6pm with staffed breakfast clubs, homework clubs etc. so parents can work without having to pay childcare.Technology should be banned from schools apart from in the computer room.
On the other hand, all companies including multinationals should be hunted down for tax. Paying a real rate of 1% is just a sick joke, when kids cannot get an operation or see a psychologist or speech therapist. In short, things need to be fairer. Unless Maggie was right and there is no such thing as society?


They pay 12.5% on the profits earned in Ireland. It is countries outside of Ireland that in reality lose out and that is what they will be chasing if the Apple appeal goes against Ireland. That loophole is also closing and is being phased out by 2020.

I haven’t read much of the new land authority plans but what sort of numbers are they aiming to build in relation to social and affordable housing? I’d agree that there needs to be more social housing

Childcare costs are really hardest felt in the preschool years. That is something that needs to be looked at. The ECCE scheme is a start but the hours can certainly be looked at. Agree with replacing childs allowance with something else as it should be means tested or funding going towards direct child costs as you have pointed out


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Nobody should get a house for free but there should be social housing, built by the state- not developers. Rent should come from social welfare. All children’s allowances should stop, to be replaced by free school uniforms, books, transport, and hot meals in school. [/quote]
Ah here!!! Do you not think enough pubs are closing as it is?



that 1% is based on the total profits booked in Ireland. There is a loophole where they do not pay taxes on profits from other tax jurisdictions but they would pay the 12.5% on profits directly earned in Ireland with the exception where they may qualify for the knowledge box criteria (where they conduct research that adds value) they can get that reduced to 6.25% in some cases.


To me, aggressive tax planning/avoidance is tax evasion, as per lexical semantics. They make huge profits and pay little tax.


Not arguing about that but they are not hiding profits owed to Ireland if you get me.
We have a different opinion on the low CT tax rate which is fair enough but the figures of 1% being bandied about are an easy top level figure to throw out and generate outrage but don’t take into account profits earned in Ireland solely and the tax paid on that


Yes I get that. We are a tax clearing house and it still stinks! I also doubt that they don’t avoid as much of the 12.5% as they can. Our accountancy firms didn’t notice billions flowing in and out of Anglo. I’d say they don’t notice much more either.


The sole reason for the existence of the IRA was to bring about a 32 county Republic.

It failed and it disarmed and disbanded.

There may well have been good reasons for so doing, but no amount of imbeciles running about in “Udefeated Army” tee shirts disguises the fact that they surrendered.


Yes but it wasn’t even her constituency


So choosing to work to bring about a United ireland through politics and peaceful means is failure and surrender? Just aswel you weren’t in a position of power in the IRA or we would still be in the dark ages.
What about all the “concessions” from the British side to the nationalist community? Is that surrender aswel?
thankfully a war can end without either side surrendering known as a stalemate.

A dissident will tell you the war never ended and they are continuing the fight. A SF supporter will tell you the campaign has changed from an armed one to a political one, but still continues towards a United ireland. Either way I don’t remember any white flag raised from the IRA in surrender


It is nothing to do with a “war.” I already said that calling an end to it was the right thing to do. Anyone who criticises SF from a republican perspective is maligned as a “dissident” and an advocate of armed struggle. Says a lot about the weakness of their argument.

That is quite separate from the IRA having accepted Partition, an internal settlement and not only the re-establishment of and participation in Stormont, but running the Six Counties for the Tories.

All of that could have been done as far back as 1922. The pro Treaty side, the Devlinites, Fine Gael, Fianna Fáil. Labour, the Nationalist Party, the SDLP, the Workers Party all accepted what the IRA accepted in 1998. And were called traitors and were attacked, and a meaningless war fought over it all for 25 years.

The IRA disarmed and disbanded without having achieved its objective, and against its own Constitution.

Now, if you can’t comprehend the massive historic surrender that represents on the part of the IRA, then you really don’t understand history.


You think so? Tell that to the residents around St.Matthews Church in Belfast.