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Neoliberalism and vulture funds are tearing the social fabric of our societies apart. Not students protesting against homelessness and inequity.


Maybe true but students and their idealism are a massive pain in the hole, there I’ve said it, it’s not the message but spotty teenagers and beardy hippies that piss me off. I’m a bad person I know.


For years they had lost their idealism. Thank God they have found it again! It is their job to be a pain in the hole!!!


Too far right or left and your into cray cray territory. The biggest issue today is the gap between the wealthy and the average working family is way too wide. No one needs or should have billions in assets while average families with two working parents struggle to buy a house anyway near where they grew up. Society should look after those who fall on bad times or who need help. having said that not too keen on the scrounger play the system entitlement culture either and there’s a lot of that about.


A system that normalises terms such as living wage and affordable housing is the problem, all the rest is messing around the edges.


I am not right wing and would rather have eye gouged by rusty spoon than vote for FG - SF’s next coalition partner after DUP by the way!

Left here are total hypocrites. Opposing their main sources of raising revenue and then complaining that they don’t have enough money to buy more Hamas flags and junkets to Gaza. Handing over council property to private developers and then complaining that council hasn’t enough land! So they are proposing to build on soccer pitches in south county Dublin with support of SF and the ultra left. You could not make these people up.

As for the socialist/communist dichotomy iomaint, there is none. Socialism/communism means state/collective ownership of property. That has been its definition for over 200 years. It was disaster.

Claiming that they were not “really” socialist would be like a neo Nazi claiming that Hitler was not “really” a Nazi, and that perhaps the next round of mass slaughter, Auschwitz and the gulags will work out out for the best :grinning:


So what your saying above and in your previous posts is that your a hardline Shinner? I just keep seeing ‘SF’ in the posts about communism and the far right

Also SF and DUP are/were not in a coalition despite the media calling it this on occasion. It is a special power sharing arrangement which reflects the voting population of the 6 counties, or a democracy for want of a better word. It doesn’t work, but its not a coalition, calling it as such is hyperbole when neither party wants anything to do with the other in reality. If SF go into a coalition with FG they will never recover from it, it will be the end of them.


The big difference when compairing “centre” right and left countries are the attrocities and human rights breaches of countries like the US, UK compared with Northern European that put more value in their social system. Ireland under right wing governments for 80 years was a country of state and institutional abuse and discrimination. The slow shift to move to centre and left wing politics for the last 15 years has seen us move to become a more open, progressive society. This is a huge shift in the eletorrate that has forced the hand of the right to move this direction.

The left is obviously broad group but have changed this country for the better with campaigns that have driven this social change.

On the rest of your mail I’m not sure how it’s relevant to anything I said as I didn’t make any if the claims you allege.


We will just have to agree to disagree on that. I see fascism, communism and socialism as having different meanings.


I genuinely don’t think it’s as simple as that in an Irish context. Sure the church had far too much sway up until relatively recently but not sure you’d class our governments as particularly right wing. For example, FG is socially quite left-wing being generally pro Gay marriage, Divorce, abortion whereas in the USA or European context a right-wing party would be dead set against those things. Sure FG’s economic principles are more right wing/capitalist/neo-liberal but they’re not close to the anti-immigration, anti-globalist buzz a lot of the far right are getting off on currently.


I disagree both Enda and Leo were apposed to both until the pressure came on and they say the polls


Was Leo really against gay marriage?


amazingly he was


Nothing like what ever way the wind is blowing to change Leo’s mindset.


Old definitions of right/left are increasingly meaningless.

Issues like immigration, abortion and crime have become defining lines rather than the economy. Many of the “far right” European parties are to left of the “old left” on economic issues which traditionally defined the socialist left.

Socialism is no longer seen as a viable economic alternative so much of even the old Marxist left has become virtually indistinguishable from the “left” of the US/Clinton Democrats. They are liberals rather than socialists,

Ireland has not had same emergence of new radical - right for the want of a better word - movements because SF continues to attract a nationalist vote because many of its voters, as proven by polls and surveys, who are the most dubious about mass immigration, continue to vote SF on assumption that SF as a “nationalist” party shares that view.


I often find the entire debate around the homeless crisis lacks a fair bit of nuance. We hear People Before Profit and their ilk talking about affordable housing. But what is affordable housing? How much does it cost to build a house? I don’t know the answers to any of these questions and i don’t think anyone really does but if we take a ballpark figure of 300k just for argument sake. There are currently 1595 properties for sale in Dublin, just on alone, for 300k or under. Of them 711 are houses. I would personally be of the opinion that in a city the size of Dublin we would need more than that to maintain a healthy supply but there still are properties out there.

If we take the figure of 10000 people nationwide that are currently without a home, either living on the street or living in hotels. There are currently over 12k properties across the country for sale for 300k or less, again, according to

I’d like to reiterate that i think we need far more properties but there are still properties there that i would assume would come under the umbrella of affordable housing (probably costs over 200k to build a house anyway).

I was actually looking at selling my house recently enough before the baby came along. We have your standard 3 bed semi in D15. Lovely quiet little house. The perfect “starter home”. We had several estate agents out to the house and all of them said they’d sell it no problem cause it would be perfect to rent. I queried this by asking would a young family like ourselves not be interested in it and was told by more than one estate agent that Irish people under 35 are either a) not interested in owning their own homes or b) haven’t got the will power to slog it out and save for a deposit.

I thought that was harsh but they assured me its the reality, that for years Irish millennial’s have been told to go out and enjoy their youth, they all want to be out every weekend and as such are incapable of saving. Obviously they conceded that not everyone can afford to save for a deposit but one of them told me they’ve had discussions with bank managers where they’ve been told people don’t even come in and ask questions about how to begin looking for a mortgage.

Its clear we need more housing but i think as a whole we need an attitude change too. There are couples out there earning good money and on paper more than enough to cover a mortgage but for some reason are not prepared to cut down their socialising to maybe once a month, to stop eating out, to get rid of the paddy power account for 18 months or so. All things we had to do 5 years ago when we managed to buy our house at the ages of 25 and 24. We also had about 25k less coming in than we do today. It is possible to do.


I dont think im a stupid person but I honestly have no idea what your on about. All I can take from this is you hate SF, but it seems you hate them becouse they are taking nationalist away from some far right alternative?

If you understand the principles and influences of 1916 you will realise why irish nationalism has not been narrow and blinkered like right wing nationalism in other countries.


The Central Bank lending rules mean first time buyers need 10% deposit as I understand it, so using your 300k figure that’s 30k. If you’re renting at the moment that’s impossible to save. Moving home and saving 1k a month is 30 months. Even giving up the Paddy Power account (which is a nice take on the avocado thing) won’t save you that in 18 months.

It’s interesting that the estate agents commented on how attractive your place is sell as an asset to rent. Shows where the market is at, most people that need a home cannot buy therefore the rental market is through the roof.


Fair fucks to them if they can afford rent and a lifestyle like that. Not everybody wants to own a house


If yous are living at home and can only afford to save 1k a month between two, you should never be given a mortgage