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No, The Peoples Front on Judean.

I have no problem with that and we already do pay for them and I am happy to pay more for public services but not if its used to service dept. that is not the peoples. The Housing crisis is a national emergency that will get worse. I’m thinking of my children in 20 years when they want to go out on their own, what state will the country be in on its current course in 20 years. Will it be the same, better or worse.


Ah the aul Ireland is a tax haven/The irish are fleeced on income tax arguement again.

Ireland, for all the moaning we/I do is in general, one of the lower income tax states in Europe per GDP all things considered. The reason alot of us feel we get screwed when we look at our payslip is the middle earner is squeezed at much higher rates than in most other countries. A ‘middle earner’ if you will, in Ireland pays some of the highest tax rates in the world. For example, once you go over approx 35k you start paying 40% (50% when PRSI and USC is factored in) and that is some chunk to pay out. In most other European countries you go into the higher tax bracket, roughly 44%, after 55K. If you go over 70K in Ireland you go into the high bracket of 55%. Less than half of the ‘developed’ countries in the world go over 50% at all.

To summarise, If you earn very little, taxwise, your looked after. If you earn between 35k - 65k your hit very hard. There is no balance


Yes not like them right wing Fascists a harmless bunch that lol. Bring back O’Duffy he will sort the place out.


Well then pepper spray the lot of them, no fashion sense.


Don’t give up Alan there is always Renua if your still not quite up to giving FF number 1.


Ah Alan, you started so well then reverted to cliche before shooting yourself in the foot.

I agree we simply don’t pay enough taxes to fund our services. Case in point: listen to the amount of health services and charities that have to resort to fundraising, most notably Crumlin Children’s Hospital. The neoliberal model of low tax simply means you pay for it privately, at higher rates for usually inferior service (bar health, where it’s a gateway to service).

As an aside, the Social Democrats are the only party talking about maintaining current tax levels as far as I am aware.


These ■■■■■ have no politicians and are still being funded by us. (I see Creighton landed the cushy number in Horse Racing Ireland.)



That kind of attitude is exactly what I’m talking about. Did you even read what I wrote?


Other people have already answered you. However, for the craic-

  • What genuinely socialist regime killed millions? ( I do not mean fascist or communist?
  • What chaos ensued for example at Apollo House?
  • Who are these junkies and middle class dropouts? The occupying protesters? Where is your evidence that any are on drugs or have dropped out of college? God love you do you really think the protesters are hoping to live in the occupied buildings?
  • The left cannot build houses as they are not in government. FG wants to pretend but not build so it gives the councils orders but the department strangles them in red tape.


Or we could tax the banks Alan?



Won’t come close to covering what people are screaming for but go ahead.

The income tax system in this country, as pointed out by another poster, is a mess. That needs sorting as well if people are to get what they want.


I agree that the banks should have their losses written off versus their bailout amount.


The new proposed land agency seems very similar to the HSE, another barrier to ministerial accountability. Housing Minister Murphy starting to rival Shane Ross in the book passing stakes…’terrible stuff altogether but nothing to do with me.’


Al I read evey word you right, you have views that are represented out there I’m just trying to help you stay engaged in the political process and find a political home​:facepunch::+1:


The USSR, China, North Korea, all of central and eastern Europe until the 1990s, Angola, Ethopia, Mozambique, Cuba, Vietnam …. and so on. Socialism means state ownership of property. All of the above were or are socialist states. Venezuela is example of the chaos that would ensue if their Irish equivalents were in power.

The only people who moved into Apollo house and the other squats were street junkies and drinkers. there were no genuine people who lost their homes through banks taking their houses or being evicted by landlords. Such people are given emergency accommodation.

The left has a majority on DCC and has done nothing to address the housing crisis, which ought to be its primary function. Too busy engaged in stunt politics in support of Hamas and such like. DCC has also handed over council owned land to private developers.

Which of course does not stop the main left party SF talking out of both sides of its mouth. Just as it di in north where for ten years they and DUP implemented Tory cuts while pretending to be opposed to them.


I wonder were SF talking out of both sides of their mouths tonight when their proposal to cut Local Property Tax by 15% was passed by the DCC.


The problem is that you ignored my last post, gave a list of fascist and communist states and reiterated your opinion as to the nature of the protesters, etc.


Only in Ireland do you have left wingers reducing property tax.


German, Italy chile, Spain, Portugal Japan… . You right wingers have butchered plenty. There is no high ground in either extreme.

I’m sure talking in stereotype is seen as popular amongst the Guys but some people actually bothered visiting and speaking to PEOPLE in apollo house and you are talking through your hoop.

While you read from the FG press release the part you will miss is the government provide the budget to councils and the ultimate power is with the city manages and burocrats. No matter how much you spin this it is a FG mess driven by there dogmatic right wing principles.