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Most civil unrest is breaking the law to some extend but responses need ro be appropriate if the 4 normal Guards had have evicted these protesters there would not have been a word said.

By your logic thoes peskey kids in tiananmen square got what they deserved.


I suggest you read it again, I said ‘how do you know who the private security company is’ I was questioning your statement of fact that they were ex military or militia.

Just because they are standing at ease? They teach that in the Boy Scouts. Again, can anybody prove apart from guesses or speculation that these are paramilitary or Uk military, then I’ll listen. Until then it’s all speculation and hyperbole.

Nothing personal Hopper, I hope you know that. I just don’t see how you can be so sure.

Anyway, it’s kind of getting away from the main point here.


Now that is a huge leap. Right so. I’ll leave you alone. You’re either drinking tonight or your anger is clouding your judgements.


The State


Good man. You know nothing about my history or my political beliefs. Your hyperbole is up there with the best on this site, that is quite an achievement.


You leave it there patronizing comment.

And I hope the next time your are approached by thugs in balaclavas there is a guard around, well one that won’t be there to give them a dig out.


On a lighter note


Patronizing? Tienemen square comment wasn’t low, no?

Good night Paddy


There was no hyperbole. The men of 1916 broke the law.


Accusing me of drinking so yes. I understand some people have an affinity state authorities but i dont understand blind loyalty to brush over any wrong doings.

If you make a statement that you can’t stand law breaking, while ignoring context and then appropriateness of the responce then you should expect extreme examples to reinforce these points.


It’s very clear that I will not see eye to eye with you guys. We’ll have to agree to disagree.

Sincerely yours,
An Irish Republican.



Ah here.


You are all locked by the sounds of it.


Haven’t drank in over a week. I think that’s what’s wrong with me




Lack of drink and chaffing from marathon training has me narkey as fook so beware.


They are all locked on the donaghy retires thread, only short of writing a love letter and singing please don’t go down the phone to him. Now where’s this riot? I have a bag of out of date tuna I want to get rid off…


So you are your usual self no?


Yes pretty munch, but the rest of the time I only do it for a reaction :see_no_evil: