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Agree fully as per usual UR.


Agree absolutely %100.

I’m all in favor of protesting against the lack of action on homelessness but not by illegally taking over somebody else’s property. If we don’t have the law, we have anarchy!

The recent repeal the 8th and gay marriage referenda show that when the public mobilize in sufficient numbers (legally) it can convince the government that something needs to be done. Illegally occupying property is trespass. I’m not in favour of that at all.

URoys post above is as good and as intelligent a response as we’ll see here.


Well, an invasion is far less likely for sure, but they already spend as much as the next 7 top militry spenders combined. So no-one is going to invade mainland USA anytime soon. Least of all they’d be nuked before it got that far. Meanwhile the human cost of an armed population is huge.

In 2013, there were 73,505 nonfatal firearm injuries (23.2 injuries per 100,000 persons), and 33,636 deaths due to “injury by firearms” (10.6 deaths per 100,000 persons).



Yes it’s all fake news, fake photos, fake eyewitness reports, no pepper spray used no balaclava men with military/ paramilitaries training and the Guards didn’t turn a blind eye to their criminal behaviour, nothing to see here.

I agree on the internet sources btw but when main stream media (with a few exceptions) are turning a blind eye there is nowhere else to get information.


Thing is, you don’t need to invade a country the old fashioned way, to bring it to its knees anymore.

Cyber terrorism, the dark net, hacking of banking systems, a few drops of Antrax in the water supply, control of the media etc etc and you can have a country under your virtual thumb without having to send in the troops.

Wars aren’t all fought on traditional battlefields any more.


I didn’t watch any videos of today, might get the time tonight. Generally speaking, the Gardai will only use force (spray or baton or firearm) etc after warnings have not been heeded and to prevent a full on brawl. I know a couple of lads in public order units (one ex prolific member here) and they all say the same.

By the way, did you hear the one that the building is actually owned by Angela Merkel? Just thought I’d add it into the other pile! :blush:


Agree 100%, and putin is running rings around the west currently in that respect.


I’m sure the enormous stockpiles of nukes, tanks and fighter jets might have more to do with it.


And that’s just the rings we actually know about.


When the law is wrong you have to break it. Laws are made by the rich, for the rich. Women had to break the law to get the vote. The French broke the law in 1798. We had to break the law to get the Brits out. Nelson Mandela broke the law and was called a terrorist…and subsequently feted as a hero and freedom fighter. Hitler broke no laws in Germany in the 1930s …as he had written them. If the poor and disadvantaged put up with every law, the rich will take everything. As it is, they are trying to. I hope this house-occupying movement sweeps Ireland.


Some people will be calling for RAF airstrike on this lot


It’s being reported on RTE and today FM ot was a private security firm. Hopfully that closes off that point.


Wouldn’t be the first time…there were plenty of private security firms in north Mayo during the corrib gas saga.


On which side …


No it doesn’t, I never denied they were a security firm, what I asked was how did people know with such certainty that they were ex British paras or UVF members??? C’mon Hopper.


So you’re comparing this to 1916, the south African struggle and the suffragette movement?

OK so.


Not me. I’m all for peaceful protest. It’s law breaking I can’t tolerate. After that it’s anarchy!


Yes. I am.


Well thank God others broke laws so you could be free to be so moral.


Read your post I replied to where you question if these were private security.

I have no doubt the two standing at ease at the door have military training. As they are not from this state that leaves Britain or more sinister paramilitaries.

I can tell you a recent experience northern security companies linked to paramilitary have been involved in this activity.