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I do not know. But anytime an incentive / tax break subsidy of any kind was set up in the past it was usually abused. Personally I think long term, we simply need to build more social housing on government owned land. Build at a faster rate. Go high in dense city centre.


Increase the numbers of affordable homes being built. Enforce guidelines/rules on who can buy such places. Priority should be given to families for buying such properties but sufficient, smaller 1 bed units should also be built for single people.

There are lots of building professionals and trades people about to work on such projects. The number of developments whereby the developers cream off huge profits should be reduced.
Then again, a lot of what I said infringes on the free market economy. But that won’t be the reason why anything of what I mentioned won’t happen. The relationships between developers and larger political parties might have more to do with it.


The Kenny Report.


Also, enact and enforce laws that put the greater good above private property rights as the constitution allows.


Tax progressively higher (extortionate) rates for each property owned that is not a family home.Have huge fines and powers of repossession for anybody falsely attributing properties to other family members. Tax the living shite out of anybody renting out with AirBNB for anything beyond the odd weekend when they’re genuinely away. Apply all this to corporations too. Cease the practice of giving priority to single parents having kids on housing waiting lists, it is clearly being abused on a large scale. Rent and house prices will soon revert to more affordable levels. Not that difficult to implement but the will isn’t there among the Government parties while it isn’t radical enough for the ‘all property is theft’ student politics rhetoric of too many on the left.


Seems the Gardai have plenty of resources for this and arresting people supplying dodgy sky boxes but not for policing rural Ireland where old people are victims of home invasions by thugs


There have been a number of reports online saying security personnel, its also a known practice that some banks are hiring “Security firms” in NI to secure properties. BTW the alternative is worse, which is a bunch of vigilantes or paramilitaries have done this and protected by the Guards while that break the law. The fact there were northern Reg and accents and there were paramilitary stances used by the balaclava men lets say on the balance of probabilities these are not random people who just happened upon the events.

I really cant not see your point here, in defending these guys.


The van as sinister as it is, is the least of the issues. That image of the Gardaí keeping ordinary members of the public back (using batons and pepper spray) while other private citizens dressed in black and wearing balaclavas kick in the door of a property is very disturbing.

Even if they are a private security firm there is clear regulations set out by the PSA as far as I’m aware in terms of having identification on show and those rules are clearly breached by the lads in all black wearing the balaclavas.


Rural Crime rates are extremely low and remain flat. Its Urban areas were is crime increasing and parts of cities that have been handed over to drugs users and petty criminals.

BTW I live in rural Ireland.


School run. Will respond in a while.

I’m sure you’re all delighted!


That is a crazy scheme that will only benifit speculators and developers. Why not just give 50k to every bank that gives out a mortgage :thinking:

expect the Galway tent to be back next year if this hours through.


I agree. Its a mess. Feel sorry for anybody trying to rent or buy.


I had assumed they were guards with numbers etc to identify them if they let rip. It is a bit dodgy having civilian security people in balaclavas alright. paramilitary style.


I know where they are from, from a friend who works for a housing agency. We will just have to disagree.


what isn’t been looked at is councils buying existing housing stock. Property process in some places are still 50-60% below the peak and cheaper to buy then building new homes. I know this is only a short term solution but it could be used to help with the backlog on waiting lists.


That’s bullshit. You are suggesting the people who own property and hoard it to make rents soar, should shoot protesters?
You should pop up here to live some time.


… and in the meantime their cops are so scared shitless they gun down over a thousand people a year and the population are shooting each other to pieces every single day. Huge price to pay for the right to play soldiers at the weekend. The American government is taking a distinctly authoritarian & corrupt slant and their guns will do nothing to stop it.


No that wasant my point, my point was people don’t and shouldn’t trust their governments and police force completely


I’m not defending the security guards at all. Show me where I did. What I was doubting was the ‘sources on the internet’! Here’s another for you. I heard they were half Russian/Martian ex inter galactic craft robbers. There’s another internet source! Somebody else here said they were ex Brit soldiers! There’s nothing credible from internet sources, unless they’re credible sources!!! (By the way, I’m not credible!)


No so sure, I’m must give you the name of a book I once red which escapes me. Was the experience of a Russian Spy living in America. He claimed any invasion of the US by a foreign power would fail due to civilian access to arms