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The balaclava is a fire retardant in case of petrol bombs and is generally worn where a large confrontation is possible. Nothing to do with concealing identity. Also, and I may be wrong on this, but the public order overalls are stock items and not personal issue, hence no personal ID on the outside.

Strikes me that the image looks worse than the reality. The hired hoods image is one I’m not too comfortable with though. Private security gone up a level.


makes sense, a twitter storm over it no doubt. with the tagline i expected the guards to be leathering into protesters.


Agree with what exactly? The enforcement of the law?

The rest of it has no hard evidence presented. Kerrigan throwing shit as usual to see what sticks.


Wouldn’t expect anything else from the corrupt police force controlled now by a RUC man.

I am not surprised. The country has lost its soul.


Remarkable logic.


No Surprise you defend this action of thugs in balaclavas being shipped in from another jurisdiction, in paramilitary attire, to supress a protest. If you were really interested in the rule of law you would be asking why the illegal activity from the Foreign security forces was not being addressed by the Guards on the scene but that would fit your narrative.


How do you know who the private security company is and who they employ? Not being smart Hopper, just curious!


What he said.


That’s a first. Do you need a lie down, @alanoc? :wink:


The problem is the ex British soldiers wearing balaclavas actually- and being supported by the guards.


Ok, how do you know where they’re from firstly. And even if that’s true, they are private security guards protecting a property as they’re entitled to do. There is a protesting crowd (angry mob, for hyperbole purposes) so therefore the public order Gardaí are required to keep the peace. It’s not that difficult to see this from another angle other than the state protecting vested interest?!

What would happen if the Gardai didn’t deploy and there was mayhem, the Gardai would have been accused of not protecting the right to protest.

No I’m not a Garda and I disagree with a lot of what the do, but this backlash seems very tin foil hat to me.


Issue for me is unidentified and unidentifiable men in balaclavas doing the state’s work…ie enforcing a court order.


They were protecting their client’s private property. That’s not against the law.

Look, I’m horrified by the homeless situation in Ireland. I deal with them quite a lot in my line of work, and I have a huge amount of sadness on a daily basis in doing so. I just think that certain aspects of society are using this for something else. Comparing it to the 1916 rising is farcical or even the civil rights marches of '69 in the north. They are a million miles apart IMO. It’s hyperbole at it’s finest and it’s divisive of our society as a whole.


I know this is an extreme angle but many wonder why Americans hold their guns so dear…well the simple fact is they don’t trust their government or police…history has shown when the civilian population are powerless and the government is, bad things happen.

Are we so naive and arrogant to suggest history can’t repeat itself?


Whatever about the rights and wrongs of the housing occupation last night. There is something very disturbing about the Gardaí assisting civilians in balaclavas, who arrived in a van with no licence plates. That is like something you would expect in Russia or North Korea.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen photos like this in Ireland before.



No number plates?
Does it have a NCT disc?
Insurance disk?
Parked on a double yellow line.


Apparently there was a UK reg plate on the back. They look sinister. All well and good till someone gets hurt badly or even killed.


That’s barmy if it’s true. There needs to be a statement from the Gardaí about this to put the theories to bed soon, if not, the bad vibes will rise and rise. That’s if they can of course, explain it! It does look like there is an insurance holder thingy in the top left of the screen. Is it just selective photography?? Why not shoot the empty holder to prove it?

That’s like a scene from a Russian spy movie… Except the van isn’t exactly an Aston Martin!


I can only see this solution adding 50k on to the house cost


Sad but true. So what’s the solution?