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No we don’t. That would precipitate an instant constitutional crisis. There is a forum for what you are talking about. The Dail. That’s where people who want to speak out should go for.


I agree but the Dail has failed. From the payments to bondholders to Irish Water to homelessness to hospital trolleys. The neoliberals are quite content to brazen it out. They control the media. They control the message and democracy is therefore subverted. In this situation the president should speak up.


And what’ll that do if he does speak out?

Get him lots of likes on Twitter? A hearty pat on the back from Joe Duffy & his ilk? An in-depth interview with Pat Kenny?

Unless he has the legislative authority to effect change, or access to the funds to bring it about, his speaking out has about as much use as a fart in a spacesuit.


It is a ceremonial office … not a serial moaning office …


Really Gemma ?

Fucking shameless


She’s unfit for more than just the office.





Ah Christ let the woman rest. Complete nonsense.


Right and that has nothing to do with what Gemma has suggested. She’s something seriously wrong with her.


Well will you pm me what she has suggested please? I thought she was referring to the above.


If a number of reports are to be believed Members of the UVF a prescribed terrorist organisation get protection from the guarda to clear a protest. What have we done appointing a tainted RUC man as garda commissioner.


It’s been posted here numerous times


I think they are more ex British Army than loyalist. The company is seemingly U.K. based.


Whats the problem here?


Gene Kerrigan is the the problem.

Either you respect the rule of law or you don’t. What about the people who own the house? Have they any rights?


It’s scandalous that you agree with this. It’s also no surprise that the mainstream media ignored it #goldencircle


i dont know whats going on in the video, except for some riot police and a crowd, nothing obviously wrong from the video.


Some people on line complaining about the public order unit wearing balaclavas!!! The conspiracy theories off the wall. They are not for identity privacy ffs!


is that not the norm in most countries, with the proliferation of cameras and people posting things out of context on social media etc. they should still have a garda number visible.