Irish Politics


Great idea.




Interesting to see she doesn’t have the balls to face Jimmy in person after the claim she made


Just the kind of coward we want as president.


I vote for the stripper.


She may be totally unsuitable for the presidency but she is no coward.


Disagree. The fact she wouldn’t turn up to face Jimmy Guerin in the flesh speaks volumes about her.

Even a broken clock is right twice a day springs to mind about her



Her failure to show up, knowing she was going to be challenged, suggests a certain level of
discomfort on her part. She’s being left behind anyway. She’ll get a good article out of it.


Rumours online of fingal county council cancelling on her. Hard to know who to believe but you’d have to imagine she’ll be screaming like a banshee if that is what happened


She called to Martin Callanan’s door to discuss the fact that his penalty points had been quashed. She took on INM in court. She has won several awards and broken many stories that had been kept out of the public eye. She should never have gotten involved in the presidency but she is no coward.


What she’s done in the past is no excuse for her to push dangerous conspiracy theories about vaccinations and continue to ignore requests from the Guerin family to stop pushing bullshit about Veronica’s murder.


I don’t think she is mad at all!


On the one hand the national debt costs €20 million a day. On the other we apparently live in the fifth richest country in the world.

So which is it?

It’s classic PBP/AAA stuff. Relentlessly negative.

And if she has that much info on that many crimes then why isn’t she shouting it from the rooftops and making statements to the Garda?

If she got elected to the Dail she could say what she liked in the chamber. Why is she running for an office that will allow her to say nothing that isn’t vetted by the state?

She’s all over the place imho.


She should be nowhere near the presidency and that’s a fact. The economic facts you quote can both easily be true. The state owes that money but there is a huge amount of private wealth too. I do believe there is a golden circle in Ireland. As for going to the Gardai, after what she has done, all she could expect would be to be breathylised on the way home. Ask Clare Daly about that.


Handy. So she can just keep shouting and never have to prove a word.

Sure how could you compete with that?


If what she says is not true, why has nobody sued her? For example, she has written about sex abuse in private, rugby schools in Dublin. Those articles are on her fb page. Nobody sued her. Why? The editor of the Indo fired her. Why? Because he had gotten his penalty points quashed too! We live in a country where a lad got 10 years in prison for non payment of tax on garlic, but Lowry walks free. We need more Gemma O Doherty types and less of those wanker dragons. ‘I’m a businessman’ . ■■■■ off, nobody cares.


6 - reduced to 2 on appeal. Completely wrong sentence but let’s stick to facts.


Thoes thinks are not mutually exclusive, we are a prosperous country but we are saddled by a Dept from the FF years preventing the country dealing with social and poverty issues.

We also have a taxation system that crucifies the middle and high middle earner and helps subsidies certain business intrests.



We actually need a President that would break the rules and speak out on this. Instead we get dragons. Jesus wept. Gallagher thinks he’ll be going on trade missions to create jobs. Martin Shanahan must be quaking in his boots!