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The shrieking death knell of the Labour Party.


In the worst selfish way possible and to the detriment of the overall interst then I guess your right. Healy Raes would be the top of the list.

I suppose it all depends on what you want delivered.

The last big ticket change I can think of getting through the Dail that went against the status was the abolishment of 3rd level fees.


I didn’t mean those cnuts. I meant Catherine Murphy (Nama revelations), Clare Daly, Wallace etc (Garda revelations). Plus of course the left for stopping the privatisation of Irish water. Take them out of it and almost every other political decision taken is based on neoliberal policies which only deliver for the rich.


Catherine Murphy is excellent the other two have their own vested interests.

I agree they have played a usfull role in disclosing scandals but I would argue they haven’t delivered any real change.


That may be because they are not in government. Finian McGrath has done some good work for the disabled, particularly in relation to adult services. It’s a drop in the ocean but would not have happened without him. Also, in fairness, FG have delivered for vulture funds and the banks.


And ultimately that’s the weakness of independents they can never lead a government so can only make changes around the edges.

I hope the country develops into a more normalised democracy with options left and right instead of everyone pretending to represent all people and group in the middle. So nothing ever gets acchived


Current system of constituencies means that will not happen


Shame Joe Costello and his missus can’t take the hint like Joan, he’s still trying to fight his way back to the trough.


I translate that as Fine Gael being willing to give disabled citizens a tiny percentage of what they are due in return for slavish loyalty from McGrath in return for him getting lots of money a Ministerial post and a golden pension. ONE issue barely dealt with and the only people to REALLY gain are McGrath and Fine Gael.


Joe is having a laugh. In 2011 Labour had TWO Candidates in that Constituency and between them they got 9,814 1st preference votes or 28.3% of the vote. In 2016 Joe was the only Candidate and he got a miserable 2,092 1st preference votes or 8.8% of the vote. He was eliminated after the 7th count having received a massive 253 transfers from 8 eliminated candidates.


That’s a tad bitter. He was going to get the salary either way. He tried as hard as he could.


A TD is paid €93,599, a Minister gets an additional allowance of €69,545 and a Minister of state gets an additional €32,140 of top of their €93,599.


I see they’re going to put serious restrictions on Airbnb. Not allowed let a second house for less than 28 days. Do think short term rentals have exasibated the housing crisis.


Yes. I know that. Many Ministers get salaries and do little.


Take a look at his voting record V’s his stated stance on a number of issues.


As does the fact that over 30% of FF and FG TD’s are landlords.


I know, we are talking about one such Minister.


How much does one person need to get by?

From the list of members registered interests…No need to guess:

  1. Land (including property) …(1) Sandymount, Kilgarvan, Co. Kerry: private house; (2)
    Gortnaboul, Kilgarvan, Co. Kerry: 5 acres of farmland:
    farming; (3) Gortnaboul, Kilgarvan, Co. Kerry: 5 acres of
    farmland: farming; (4) Gortnaboul, Kilgarvan, Co. Kerry:
    service station, yard & surrounds; (5) Gortnaboul,
    Kilgarvan, Co. Kerry: rear of store plus access to
    Limewoods est; (6) Coolougues, Kilgarvan, Co. Kerry:
    100 acres farmland and forestry for farming and forestry;
    (7) Coolougues, Kilgarvan, Co. Kerry: 2 farmhouses for
    letting purposes; (8) Top of Cross, Kilgarvan, Co. Kerry:
    house for letting purposes; (9) Pinewood Estate,
    Killarney, Co. Kerry: house for letting purposes; (10) The
    Courtyard, Killarney, Co. Kerry: apartment for letting
    purposes; (11) Bridgefield, Killarney, Co. Kerry: house
    for letting purposes; (12) Kilmurry, Kenmare, Co. Kerry:
    house for letting purposes; (13) Castlelough, Killarney,
    Co. Kerry: house for letting purposes; (14) Brockgrove
    Island, Co. Limerick: student accommodation; (15)
    Pound Road, Castleisland, Co. Kerry: house for letting
    purposes; (16) Castle Street, Tralee, Co. Kerry: for letting
    purposes; (17) 14 Ballymullen, Tralee, Co. Kerry: house
    under renovation at present; (18) 15 Ballymullen, Tralee,
    Co. Kerry: disused public house, subject to a planning
    permission application.


So which minister has done anything?


As much as i dislike the man, Shane Ross done a great service to this country with the new drink driving measures.

And in doing so further exposed some of the vermin we have elected that value their own profits greater than saving Irish lives