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So the answer is to set up another Quango…


The ruination of SF if the went into government with FF and leaving government in NI over corruption. There is still plenty of Dirt around MM and the O’Calaghan money.


SF have more than a skeleton or two in their closet as well.


But both have gone in different directions for the last 10 years and a younger generation are not as hugn up on it, so Sf will be the ones to lose out

Also Compare the two current leaders only one took 5000 from a business man and has given multiple reasons how it ended up in his wife’s account.


And the other used to be a member of Fianna Fáil :joy::joy::joy:


Affordable housing would boost the economy.


If your wealth is based on property and income streams from it then it’s not in your interest to sort this crisis out. This crisis actually increases your wealth.


True but some people should be able to put personal gain aside, it’s not like landlords are going to lose much from sorting out homelessness & the general housing crisis unless they totally over do the solution and that’s not going to happen … I say should advisedly.


My prediction. If FG get the most seats but not enough, and FF get more votes than SF, Micheal Martin will be our next Taoiseach and Mary Lou will be Tanaiste. I will go on the piss to celebrate as it will mean a break from the irksome Blueshirts and it will also mean SF having to deliver as opposed to carping.


It will never happen Martin is the most anti SF politition in the dail, so he will need to go 1st. Also the dublin FF are very right wing, I would suggest the most right wing group of any elected party particular thoes from north Dublin. More chance FG and SF ( ala Clann na poblachta) going in together but I think it will be the same as is with FF a bit smaller and FG a bit bigger and others staying the same.


I have a feeling FG won’t be any bigger. Also, this is Micheal Martin’s last shot at power. He will not be the leader for long after the next election if he does not get FF back in to power. He will do a deal. Mark my words. Power is power.


Disagree Hopper. Martin wants to be Taoiseach and it will be his last opportunity. He will do a deal with the devil to get it . If FF not in gov next time he will be political compost.


Apologies @Iomaint . Didn’t see your post. Just posted the same argument .


I see O’Doherty is threatening to sue a councillor over a question she was asked in which the councillor read out a tweet from Jimmy Guerin in relation to Gemma’s claim about Veronica Guerins murder


Just what you want as president.

Is she actually interested in running if she’s trying to sue the people who can prevent her from doing so?


… what a muppet.


He’s way behind Daragh O’Brien and Shane Cassells in that race.


Who were the last Politicians to “Deliver”?


Word on the vine is that Joan Burton will not stand in the next General Election, should mean an additional SF seat in West Dublin as Labour don’t do succession training well.


Honestly? Some of the independents.