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He won’t get a nomination. Had a brain fart when coming out in support of abortion which will pretty much alienate anyone who might otherwise have supported him. Interesting chap all the same and there should be lower bar on being able to run, but the Áras is sinecure for tired old prats, and indeed new old prats!


Might only manage half a term but that would still be enough to seal his legendary presidential status as it would be the greatest half a term ever in the history of the position.


What would have possessed anyone to vote for O’Neill? He has charisma of a tree, and that’s probably being unfair to trees.

I mostly recall the big puss on him when he had to give us the Leinster 21s trophy after Peadar’s wonder goal against Offaly in 2006.

In fairness, he did get used to giving us cups :grinning:


Had some dealing with him when the hurling feile was in Dublin. Lovely man but absolutely no personality. Can’t see how anyone thought he would be a good candidate.


Perhaps I was too harsh. No offence to the chap/


The European Court of Justice has just given two fingers to Kit Kat’s maker.


Just has a resting bitch face. By all accounts a decent man.


That’s a real two fingers up to Nestle. Twice.


We need to get @upthedall in here to tell us if that is a “sheugh” in between the fingers?


Well in my expert opinion…the space between the KitKat fingers does resemble a sheugh.

But as any good sheugh judge can tell you…a real sheugh must be big enough so that either:

A) you’re full as a sheugh…or…
B) sweat can run down it…like the sheugh of your arse.

Using a sheugh-gauge on a KitKat sample, I can confirm that you can do neither of the above. Although they are tasty with tae.

Therefore I conclude the answer is no.

I will be publishing my findings on my website…


Is that ‘tasty as yer first biscuit after a fast’?


Sorry all this sheugh conversation - crumbs of KitKat dropped on my keyboard.

Meant to say they were tasty with tae.


Ah sure FF a great lads really


The Blueshirts and Labour are the exact same- at best.


Labour - wankers will chase them from my door if they dare to knock.two faced fucks.

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Carrying on from the Get it off your chest thread. What way would Res Dubs vote if an election coming.


No Monster Raving Loony Party option?


Can I get an anyone but Fianna Fail button


If FG, FF, Labour, Sinn Fein & Independents are already options in the poll, who the heck are the 38% (as of 3.23pm today) all voting for? :thinking:


You need a “none of the above” as well.