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So far as I know, the incumbent Taoiseach has to go to the Áras to seek a dissolution of the Dáil. At least that’s what happened when the FG/Lab coalition fell over John Bruton’s budget in '82.

As for the Spanish situation, I’ve mixed feelings. If I had a vote there (and I’m entitled to one, just can’t be arsed making the effort to actually get one), despite not being what they claim to be, the PSOE would probably get my vote - PP definitely never would - so in that sense, I’m glad to see the PP out on their ear by any means. That said, both the Spanish electorate and PSOE Executive have failed to give Sánchez their support when it was sought, so the claim that he’s ruling without popular support or a democratic mandate isn’t without foundation, especially as he’s not even a member of Parliament.

What impact this has on the Catalunya situation will be interesting. The PSOE supported the PP’s stance on Article 155, so can’t credibly do a u-turn on that now. Against that, as they don’t have the numbers in the Cortes, they may need to strike a deal with Catalan Nationalists for their support. I just hope for the sake of everyone there this doesn’t result in the kind of stalemate that happened after the last two elections when the country effectively had no government for the guts of a year.


Looks like Finucane Junior may run for Presidency under SF nomination.


Total publicity stunt if he does.


Spanish judge looking to get the Catalan politicians extradited for rebellion threw his rattler out of the pram today, the Germans refused to to extradite Puigdemont for Rebellion on the grounds that they saw no level of violence, but were willing to extradite him for embezzlement because it is one of 32 crimes that are automatic. So today he withdrew the euro order and had a rant that the Germans were being unloyal bla bla bla, and were not carrying out the euro order agreement correctly, but surprisingly he also withdrew the Euro order for the politicians in Scotland, Belgium and Switzerland, none of these countries had made a final decision, but even though the Judge insists Germany were wrong, it is clear that he knew none of the other countries were going to accept the rebellion thing either .
If EU had any balls they would pull up Spain on this, it is clear that they are trying to imprison people on charges of rebellion with penalties of up to 30 years and at the same time countries like Germany, Belgium, Scotland and Switzerland say there is absolutely no case.


After all that pissing and moaning



And still nobody gives a shiite!





I can’t contain my apathy!


Finucane will be disqualified from running by SF HQ on the grounds that he has a bollix.


Eh, right. And that’s related to my post how exactly?


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Thank Christ for that, was worried I was being really thick on this one. :grin:


Good Jaysus. He actually thought about it


Only one man with that financial clout knocking around …

Step forward President Gooch!

#Fundraiser #Coinage #NonTooPlussed


Not saying any of the reasons he cites aren’t genuine, but I reckon the thought of having to smile during the campaign was the clincher for him.


The greatest president of his generation or indeed any generation.


I think the black guy campaigning on the anti-immigration ticket has it sewn up.


I think a cat would make an excellent president. He could sit up on the window beside the welcome candle and he’d only cost a seven year supply of Whiskas.