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Sorry, you say that like it’s a secret, the agenda is obvious. In Geopolitical terms this is non-consequential, sadly, it is a bit naive to expect otherwise. The UN security council will meet and huff and puff but the USA will block anything meaningful from happening. Israel knows it can do whatever it likes with a trump Whitehouse. Next stop a strike on iran. Both governments need a distraction from criminal investigations and John Bolton, Trumps new hawk, has long advocated war with iran.


Unfortunately, every word of that is true.


Here we go


The other half came home from work today and was very upset. She told me that a chap she works with walked into the office around lunchtime and said he had to head home that he got terrible news. He went on to say that he got a phone call and it turns out his sister is one of the women whose cervical screening was messed up in the lab in the USA. A test she got in the past revealed abnormalities and like all the other women she wasn’t told until the revelation a couple of weeks back about the cover up. She was retested and told today she has 3-6 months to live. She is in her late 40s, no kids. The chap himself, a man in his 50s was in tears telling my mrs all this and how his younger sister didn’t know where to turn next after been given this news . Feels very close to home when you hear of someone you know getting news like this because of a ■■■■ up of epic proportions. Given the fact that all women are tested regularly over a certain age this was/is really a lottery and could be any one of our family or friends. God love all them women who have been giving this news recently, a living nightmare. This government’s negligence is beyond dangerous at this stage. The HSE needs a rebuild from the bottom up would be putting it mildly. We still have a 3rd world health system that is failing the ordinary people time and time again.


Jesus , that’s terrible .


Not unlike the religious in this country, the ‘professional’ classes have always considered themselves above the ordinary man - the health and legal professions being prime examples. There is a culture of being beyond accountability among them - a feeling that it doesn’t really matter because it they mess up because victim is only the common man - expendable. This is the culture - the mindset among these people. I lost a brother in his mid 40s - fit - to a hospital bug. It should never have happened. We spent quite a few bob chasing answers but had to drop it because it was too risky. All we wanted was the truth - not money - and for lessons to be learned so that some other poor soul might avoid a similar fate further down the line. These people are consumed by a fear of being sued (losing money) and are happy in their own minds and consciences that Joe and Mary need never find out the truth about their loved one - happy to conceal any negligence. The culture needs to change - the profession. It’s not a money thing - it’s the culture.


A neighbour of my wife was one of those effected. She ended up dying in 2012 and when the family went to meet the hospital to be told they seen a note from 2016 I think it was when the doctor asked if somebody could “find out if she’s still alive or not”. Horrendous. Her husband was interviewed the other day about it. Disgusting and shameful


Another thing here is that Oireachtas Committees should be told to hold fire and that Prof Scally be given unfettered access to the key players. Just today he indicated that his efforts to get answers asap were being affected by people being called before various Committees. These Committees seemed like a good idea at the time but now seem to be full of self-important back benchers and opposition wannabees who are using them to build their own profiles and careers.

Given the very sensitive time frames around the Cervical Cancer women, Scally should be given absolute priority here and all other ‘investigations’ told to back off for the moment.


Is that the Reck lady whose husband was on the news the other night? The one thing that I’ve taken from this scandal is that for all of the heartbreak we’ve read/seen the families have maintained their dignity (not so sure I would have) and calmly looked for answers.

As for those in governance as well as those who oversaw all these cock ups, they should hang their heads collectively in shame.


Another major setback for the Spanish judicial system with Belgium refusing to extradite the politicians in exile. So we have 9 people in prison here for over 6 months on charges that both Belgium and Germany have refused to consider.


That’s them yes. My wife palled around with her daughter when they were kids and my in laws are still very good friends with Paul. Only met him a few times but he’s an absolute gentleman. The whole family are lovely people.

I can’t wait until the first politician from the main parties knocks at my door, I really can’t.


What a fiasco.



Think the general theme here is ‘deal with your own mierda Pedro’.

In a world that has responded to mass cold blooded murder at the other end of the Mediterranean with a collective ‘meh’, it’s hardly surprising that what’s happening with the Catalunya situation just isn’t that big a deal outside Spain.


Sadly true.


I agree with what your saying about one country generally not giving an f… about what is happening in the next, but it is not really relevant to what I posted. In this case in fact one countries judicial system is actually questioning another’s, the Germans say they do not believe that what Puigdemont did corresponds with the charge of rebellion.
And in the Belgium case, they said that the actual Euro order was not made correctly, they made the Spanish judge aware of this, but he chose to ignore the warning and refused to change it, hence the refusal to award extradition on behalf of the belgians, although it is likely the belgians too would have taken the line of the Germans had the Euro order been accepted.
If the take on this was " Deal with your own mierda Pedro" Well surely the simply way out would have been just to hand them over to Spain, so far none of the four Countries involved have done so. I know it is not big news in any of these countries, but at the same time I would imagine it is a problem they would prefer not to have.



Hmmm worrying


The biggest current threat is the Italians!


Yep - their politics has always been batsh1t crazy but it seems they want to leave the euro, which is just the kind of move that could throw the whole thing into a tailspin.