Irish Independent/Herald - Alan Brogan


I thought it was a very poor piece to be honest.

His pieces are very like Darragh O’Sé’s


Better watch out - his Ma will be after you :grinning:


Yeah his ma doesn’t mince her words apparently! Talking with a lad from Margaret’s and she gave him an earful as he was roughing up berno.


Hope Al or Berno never do white collar boxing …


Agreed. Very disappointed in his articles so far.


It is the Evening Hysteria, after all.


Ah c’mon. He’s only been at it for a couple of months. He needs time to find his voice & figure out what he feels comfortable talking about, especially as he still has a brother in the starting 15. He’s hardly going to turn into Ernest Hemmingway over night.

I thought his candour about Aidan O’Shea’s dive (and what he would have done in similar circumstances) was refreshing, considering all the holier than thou sanctimony in most of the meeja.


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I thought it was a very poor piece to be honest.

His pieces are very like Darragh O’Sé’s

Ah I enjoyed them, maybe it’s the blue tinted glasses but any insight at all I like reading


Who do you think they Northern team he was referring to? I know we have played Monaghan and Armagh a lot over the last few years but he could be going back to the noughties.


Is he talking about last year’s abandoned game with Armagh?



Wee Pee picks his All Stars


As a free-taker of considerable renown himself, it’s astonishing that he omits Dean Rock.


On Dermo " Still, not guaranteed his All-Star and much will depend on how he performs in the final, in which his temperament will be tested to the full."

If Dublin wins he gets one regardless but that’s some statement .


Putting Kilkenny in the Half Backs is an insult to other half backs imo. He should be where he belongs in the half forwards above Harte and O’Shea.

O’Shea quite literally only needs to start against London to get an all star these days. Incredible stuff


And Rock being excluded. Canavan is a sh#tebag


I think Kilkenny will struggle to get All Star in forwards. I know playing a much deeper role but has only scored 5 points in 5 games and was really poor against Kerry. To be honest I don’t care who Canavans picks as all stars as long as we win Sunday week.


It’s not some statement, it’s fact that Connolly’s temperament will be tested as will McMahon’s - and probably not in the best of spirits either. It’s something the Dublin management should be highlighting also. Though, I suspect that that was not the point Canavan was trying to make. So, I suppose, you are right - it IS some statement.


I’m not getting into this again :joy::joy:, I TOTALLY agree with you :wink::joy:


Agree. For me AOS gets his All Stars very easily.