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O’Se on the money.


Sweeney is a decking head Bangor I’d nearly accuse him of going through a mid life crisis only fir the fact he written some terrible things about Dublin years ago. Himself and the prick on the couch deserved to have their articles used for lighting the fire.


Champions in all sports get more articles about how to beat them . That’s life .

Kilkenny got it for years and never batted an eyelid .


true, but there is a difference between reading “this is how we think mayo can do it” and “this is how we think dublin can do it” and “this is why i want dublin to lose” or “dublin must lose to save gaelic football” nobody was doing that about kilkenny.

one is annoying, the other isnt.

yes, yes, i know…


I don’t agree there . Hurling had a lot of doomsday articles in the Kilkenny era .

All proved to be false and the Dublin thing may just be a special team too

I think Kilkenny unfortunately due to a smaller base population are going to really struggle to replicate their dominance in the years ahead

Cork and Galway have got their shit together now and have bigger population bases


but the general theme of the doomsday was “you just have to get to their level and shut up moaning about it” which is not the same as “dublin must be stopped”

I agree we have a special team. why are there still family dynasties on the team? why are players who were around 8,8,9,10 years ago still there? where are all the young men from echnic minorities in the city on the panel?

thats why it riles me so much, i dont know when the AIG deal will end, and i dont know if whoever comes in after will pay so much, this could all end sooner rather than later.

anyway, i’ve blown myself out here on this.

if only we had a real bloody thing to concentrate on like a black card suspension or a red card appeal, eh?

oh for those days again!!


You mean ‘fortunately’ :wink:

The only time I can think of when there was a real strength in depth and broader interest in hurling was the 80s and 90s, with Galway and Offaly breaking through and then both having very strong eras, then Clare, and Limerick were in the Waterford role. Even Wexford had a really good run.


He would be calling for a tribunal


No surprises here ressers. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Micko gives his tuppeny worth…


How does Liston get such a gig? He is clearly not the full 12d.


Micko always a good judge


Cause he is from Kerry probably rang that article in while on the jacks. If Dublin where to play a junior s side from Okinawa bomber would find away for them to win and tip them. Anyway it’s posted for light entertainment. :smiley::smiley::smiley:


Great insight from Bomber alright, suggesting that Mayo find a way to make Kilkenny go lateral or backwards. If they want to do that then all they have to do is give him the ball.


common theme amongst all these articles is If buts and maybe’s.
If my aunt had a set of balls she would be my uncle.

If Mayo disrupt, If Mayo play well, If Mayo get two Goals, If Mayo stop Clucko, COS and Ciaran, If Andy gets 2-8

what a load of shite


The word ‘insight’ should never be used in the same sentence as Bomber. Thats like saying Kim Jong-un is a patron of world peace.! The oul Bomber, he ties god love him, he tries.


Rumour is they only have to show up to win it…


Given some of the articles written over the last few weeks one would think that was the case. Guaranteed if we win there’ll be excuses galore rather than giving us any sort of praise


I think we get plenty of praise . Unfortunately as supporters we are uncomfortable with the favourites tag which displays a serous level of insecurity in my view


We get loads of praise. An article about how Mayo can beat Dublin is more interesting then someone just posting about how great dublin are all the time. sure some people tip against us constantly but they’re just playing to the crowd.