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Tyrone were awful also …


It’s amazing for a decent side how much trouble they cause us
Food for thought …


Thats the thing. If the top three are ahead of everyone else then Mayo dispatched the 3rd best team. But the worry for them is, they made a meal of it despite being on top.

The worry for us is we have not been tested all year.


Has there been any prominent pro Dublin articles this week ? (As a matter of curiosity. Suits me to have them focusing on Mayo consistently)


No only person I think that has talked Dublin up Tomas O’Se. He has been consistent on it.


Seanie Cavanagh as well now that I think of it but that was an interview as opposed to an article


kavanagh and o se. the media is far more going on the mayo side, esp on radio and online. in a fit of Deja Vue all over again i switch on rte radio 1 this morning 12 hours after my encounter with newstlak last night “and in sport we will be interviewing mayo manager stephen rochford who says he doesnt fear dublin”

but, yeah its all in my imagination.

maybe dublin just arent doing interviews, i dont know.

lee keegan had a good aul swipe at tyrone and all yesterday. i’d say that league match next spring will bear some watching.


Am i reading his right that Gooch will benefit himself financially from this? Or its all donated to Charity?


Jin Gavin was on RTÉ radio this morning g being interviewed.

Sure who cares about who thinks what about who will win. All the sweeter when they’re wrong.

A newspaper article never won a game.


Certainly appears to be the case though they are donating a percentage to the two charities named .What that is is anybodies business .


Cheers. The divil in me wonders if that was a Dublin GAA footballer what would the backlash be if they where getting a percentage! :slight_smile:


good to hear, but the announcement before the 8am news was as i said so i tuned out.

did JG say anything of interest?


Can imagine the meltdown a certain Brazilian based journo would have.


Jesus yeah would need a paramedic close by to resuscitate him such would be his outrage. Though if anyone was going to get a testimonial, it would be Gooch and in the words of Marty Morrisey, the greatest player of his generation or indeed any generation (followed by the sound of hitting wood)


it was a significant interview,

outlined why he is starting Connolly and Flynn, why Con and Mannion arent suited to starting this particular battle, rated Kilkenny the most complete kick passer of the last 25 years…says Rochford doesnt know who he is going to pick himself so no point wasting time on looking at mayo.

in reality i listened to it and it went over my head, it was a duty call and he carried it off politely and professionally and i dont think process was used ( certainly not over used)


Wonder was it smoke and mirrors…



i feel sorry for both managers in the run up, they cannot win. I am sure SR was asked directly “do you fear dublin” and when he said (probably) “FFS we’re adults of course dublin and mayo do not fear each other, do you think Brian Fenton is going to stab Aido on the 45 with a fucking sword or something you fucking waste of fucking space?” it results in “ROCHFORD: WE DONT FEAR DUBLIN!!!”

its poxy, they want their headline and ask questions to get it.


its cant win territory alright… couched guarded language, trying not to give ammo to opposition … but when media rights of the association are sold i guess those interviews are part of the rights


I thought Rochford came across well in his interview. He has taken lot of flak in the last 12 months and deserves credit as It would of broken many a man.


i’ve nothing against the man, i think he has been treated terribly. its funny how many mayo people on social media are loving eamonn sweeney this week. that must stick in rochfords gut (if he reads any of it)