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Course he is . Only a muppet would show his face again after the stuff he wrote about Rochford after the first game


Well lets hope monday he has plenty of egg on his face.


That is the greatest piece of backtracking ,arse kissing shite you could possibly imagine , Willie Joe would be proud of it .!!!


I’d say willie joe has it as a stickie in his wall


Journalism is like the English exam in the Leaving Cert, the writer is given a topic by his editor and has to file x amount of words on it within three hours. In most cases he is just putting forward an argument in which he has no belief, and, more often than not, putting forward a piece than will allow him to write a follow up article in a day or two. It’s called earning a living!
Don’t believe everything you read and don’t get hung up on it either.


Separated at birth ,eammon and the dirty oul wan.


Don’t say that too loud. Or righteous Richie on the All Dublin fans page will organise a minutes applause for you in Croker .
You can even pick the minute .


Is he ripping the piss ? They stumbled over the line against Derry and Cork and Roscommon took them to a replay ffs. Granted they played well in the SF replay but exhibiting the greatest improvement ? :joy:


I have a hunch improved might be a key word here …


It’s kind or remarkable that of their seven ties in this year’s championship Mayo have only managed to win two of them in seventy minutes (Sligo & Clare).


and yet they are in an AL final after taking apart Kerry in the replay. they will be up for this for sure and I’d reckon they have more belief that they ever had. Its up to our boys to show no mercy and as AB said don’t do fairytales.


We do fairytales … 3 in a row ones …


He is not talking about them improving over the course of the year . His starting point was last years final when they ran us close and then he alludes to improvement since then .

"What makes this especially odd is that just 12 months ago Mayo drew with Dublin in one All-Ireland final match before being edged out by a point in the other. And it’s Mayo who seem to have exhibited the greater improvement in this year’s championship. "


Ill be happy with that fairytale.


There is no point trying to make sense of that article. I really think that lad has lost it.


Apologies Y - I didn’t read after all the stick here but that’s bizarre! I’d love to see his improvement graph as their season unfolded …


Mayo were poor-to-mediocre all the way to the final last year. They were very good in the first game and should have won bar two freak own-goals. They were a bit less good the second day.

This year they were poor-to-mediocre until the Qtr final replay. There they gave their best performance probably since a Connaught-championship game in 2015. As an attacking force they have been better since the Qtr final drawn game than at any time under Rochford so far, which is not a surprise as he spent last year working out their defensive structure, and this year sorting out a better attacking structure built up on what they have defensively.

I think he is correct to say Mayo are improved. They have better momentum and form coming into this final than last year.
Dublin have improved in terms of options, injuries, and form of some players. We have lost out in terms of Connolly, hard to know what he can offer if and when he plays. Though he was mixing brilliant and not so good last year. And some of our older lads are a year further on. But so are Mayo’s.

In conclusion I feel both teams/squads are improved, the big question is how much more Mayo have added in an attacking and scoring sense, and will Dublin produce the required intensity of performance as I feel Mayo certainly will. People have laughed about the notion of hunger being a factor here in the oast but you can’t discount when the game comes down the final stretch this time, will some of our lads want it as much as some of theirs? Small margins. “I’ve got 4 All-Is in my pocket/I’ll win more anyway,I’ve never known defeat” Vs “This is it, this is the one, it might be my last ever chance, it is my last ever chance, I may be young but I may not get another chance”.

Of course that last bit is nothing to do with improvement. But here’s another thing, the last few years Mayo have always looked like they don’t believe they are taking control of the game in finals and semi-finals, or when they have not closing it out. But against Kerry this year they did.


They have improved from shite to decent, or good if I’m generous.
We on the other hand have been imperious all the way, no one has laid a glove.
If we are imperious one more time we’ll win by 6+.


its a conundrum in many ways.

you can say that mayo have been on a programme aimed at the final, which explains the defeat to galway and how they have improved every match in croke park. they have also had three weeks to get over fatigue issues.

you can also say that dublin would have made easier work of all of mayo’s opponents this year and that as bad as kerry and roscommon ultimately were, Mayo were matched by them in both first games and for most of the second against kerry. Mayo were blowing hard just as crowley was red carded, Kerry had got back to four behind. Crowley’s red blew the sails out of kerry so god knows how that match would have ended.


Kerry were awful that day as well. Can’t see Mayo forwards getting that much space against Dublin.