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would rather get the clap again.


But crucially I didn’t pay for it, other than in a metaphysical sense.


im going and im as clean as a whistle, you hearing that bart, im clean Son


Yup, it’s not so much the support for Mayo, it’s more how can you make such a bold statement. I mean if Mayo lose what does that say about him and his ability to do his job?


I wouldn’t pay to much heed to Sweeney. Has been writing mental stuff this year. Let him off to it.


The rags have to write stories even if half them are shocking writers


From Sweeney’s article

And it’s Mayo who seem to have exhibited the greater improvement in this year’s championship."

Is this satire?


Read that article. I actually think Sweeney has lost the plot, maybe its his way of saying sorry to Rochford for slagging the bollocks out of him.


his stuff on dublin and mayo has been wrong all summer, but thats the GAA columists for you.


Sweeney musings this year have been of the wall compared to other years. Still a very big pair of balls to make that statement!


its easy to have big balls when your stupid, look at clump


clump is over compensating for scrotal and testicular inadequacies…


a bit like Cillian and the dark arts


Sweenny is nuts he says “mcloughlin,doherty and oconnor are better than anything dublin have in this area” did he ever hear of flynn and connolly.


donkey A sligo man, with a father from Kilkenny and living in cork, is it any wonder he looks so innocent


Yeah ones mans salt is another mans sugar or a big pile of the magic stuff


On fire today @JJF


They have gone from almost losing to Derry to beating Kerry well. That’s an improvement in anyone’s books.

Wether they should be in a dog fight with Derry in the first place is a different matter.


Sweeney is the same guy who called Rochford a buffoon and 6 days later watched Mayo beat Kerry for the first time since 1996…


Yeah I half suspect he is trying to make up for the mayo been led by donkees article.