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Then we’ll have a call to split us into 4. North, South,East and West. After which they’ll inevitably occupy all 4 semi final spots and the cycle will continue :grin:


The Dublin Football Championship will become the de facto All Ireland Championship as it will host the best 8 teams in the country …


someone on hogan stand put up a Dublin North/South team sheet as it stands today in response to an anti dublin poster who is calling for it.

quick as a flash he said the county should actually be divided into Fingal, Dunlaoire/Rathdown, south dublin and dublin city.

you dont have to scratch under the surface too far with these people.

I saw the aul “half the GAA’s money to dublin” thing is now on the GAA board. You really cant go anywhere to try and gauge peoples opinion on the match without meeting such ignorant shite.


To be honest the dogmatic, ignorant and begrudging opinions of these posters is breathtaking. At the core of it all is still cabbage eating ■■■■■ have is a chip on their shoulder. If they want to debate the issue well let’s do it folks and see who is genuine.


its exaclty because of these ill informed clowns that i hope the Dubs bate Mayo out the bleeding gate on Sunday. lay down a marker for all,
Get your own house in order before pointing fingers at successful counties, even yer wan from the Cork team with a dozen and a half medals has the right attitude, its up to others to step up a level


at the risk of repeating myself they do not want to because the facts do not suit them.

in a nutshell - the GAA gives dublin a total €2.25 million (including ISC). that is 6% of GAA spending on counties. Irish sports council gave €3million in total to the gaa (this is where EmcK gets his “48%!!!” from) towards developmental grants. However the GAA paid out €4million in developmental grants including the sports council element, of which we got €1.4 million, rest of country gets €2.6 million.

but, bottom line - its 6%. not one anti dublin troll has an answer to that one.


Imagine being Martin breheny and being able to write dribble every week for money. His latest article is so bad and without any substance at all i might just go back reading the hill16 skobie reports and the needle epidemic at the railway wall (where it all happens)


Agree fully . Lovely avatar there …


which one of the 6 articles he writes is it this time?

he always regurgitates the same aul thing.


Welcome back Phelo.


No repeat yourself over and over again. These idiots will soon get the message, jaysus I’d nearly pay for you to go on national media to debate with any of them. You can bring Dub09 and Bart for moral support.


Thanks mate previous close friend a beautiful young lady passed away however life goes on and up


If there are former players in de media then yerra yerra is fine with me … Take it any day over anything that gives any stick to beat us …curran earlier this year been a prime example …

Winnin this game is huge bcoz whether the culchie media like it or not they will have to suck it up n acknowledge … The alternative doesn’t bear thinkin about and in particular that it’s mayo …

Really would love us to stuff them and be able to sit back n enjoy it … Wishful thinkin maybe but not beyond possibility …


Having a read of the Indo over lunch (there were free copies in the sandwich place) they seem to be pulling hard for Mayo.

Most of the articles were of the of the stating the obvious type (If Dublin don’t fully show up they could lose, etc.) But Sweeney’s was particularly poor. He claimed his column was the first place you heard that Mayo will win (I’m pretty sure some Mayo people may have predicted that they will win already) and that there was no way he could see Mayo losing. It’s an All-Ireland final, to say that there is no way you can see one of the teams winning is utterly ridiculous. While I think Dublin will win there are certainly scenarios that I can see them losing in.

How someone gets paid to write this sort of stuff is beyond me.


Hint: You read it! :wink:


Media always pull hard for Mayo. They want their cinderella man of gaa to win the top prize. Big statement form Sweeney to say something so blatant. He must have a delorean parked out the back.


Ah lads more paranoia … Everyone was rooting for us in 2011. People love to see the underdog win and the 66 year thing obviously means people are rooting for them … though they hate us too.

Gonna be a long week on here … :smirk:


Rories Stories lad reckons we are goosed. gulp.


He’s a good laugh on it tbf to him .


anyone going on friday to wooleys show