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Jaysus wasn’t expecting this! But good luck to him a legend for me from 2011 and that monster of a point


Best of luck to him, a serious player. I’m surprised he is only 28.


Puts a lot of things into perspective. Ver, very sad.


I’d be very worried about where we’ll be in twenty years’ time with some players.

No one seems to be prepared to shout stop.


Never mind twenty. 10. That made hard reading. three head injuries inside of 16 months? WTF?



Got to love this bit
That’s why I hate making comparisons between teams of different generations. If the Kerry team of '75-'86 played under today’s conditions, if they engaged in the same preparatory detail, it****'s impossible not to suspect that their tural talent would have made them better than these Dubs**. But that’s hypothetical, we can’t know.


KMM continue their process. Pre-final hype. Zero analysis about the game. Lazy lazy stuff.


Strange sort of time to put it out there thougjh, it seems he is not even sure he is moving there yet. Maybe putting out feelers to see what the interest is. They should do everything they can to get him though, he has the athleticism they lack. They went the muscle bound root that Tyrone did, only to find it will only bring you so far.

In my view sheer muscle mass is more important in hurling now then football, even though hurling would be considered the more skilful of the two.


It’s hard to show your skills if you can’t get the ball or you’re picking yourself off the ground.


as me hoop.


Exactly my response too


The fact that he was surprised that people in the north county consider themselves dubs and support the team tells you everything you need to know.


Kerry’s Golden era vs Jim Gavin’s Dubs - We break down every category to find out which team was better



I for one would really like to see the match reports from the all conquering Kerry team, more importantly though i would like to see the re-runs of the sunday game at that time and see if there was a mass call for the breakup of such a dominant force. Maybe we should fire this across messers Orourke’s bow, he has been clamouring for the breakup of Dublin along with all the lazy journalism and the bandwagon bridage who trot out utter nonsense in a national newspaper.
I really hope the mighty Dubs win 10 in a row to silence these clowns.


FFS… 11 clicks. I’d have thought the .ky domain was a giveaway.


Alas rather than silence them that is likely to make them louder …


It’s like when you see a Wet Paint sign, you have to check it.


its amazing that the dominance of Kerry in the 70’s/80’s and the Kilkenny hirling teams of the last 15 years, never once was there a single comment about splitting them in two.
@Dub09 you are right it will probably make them louder, but 10 in a row would be fantastic Dublin North beating Dublin south in the inagural year after the split :slight_smile: