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What, Cody secretly hates wristy hurling and wears a Dubs jersey under his stabvest?


I’m not sure this is news to anyone. The intermediate story I’ve heard before.

Everyone knows Cody is utterly ruthless. Most winners are. There’ll be some pretty ugly stories told when Jim Gavin’s reign is finally immortalised in print.


Planning a book are we Alan.:smile:


My brother’s the journalist in the family :wink:


You can win and treat people with a bit of decency . Unfortunately it’s sadly lacking today


Brendan O’Connor? :joy:


I said he was a journalist :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Alan it is news in terms if its starkness and viciousness. We all suspected. It’s different to see it in print. For him to say ‘We went out to do psychological damage…to make lads give up hurling’ is exceptionally brave of Jackie to admit. And it’s also disgusting. Cody saying ‘We are the custodians of something sacred’ but actively humiliating lads from Offaly, Wexford …wherever. Knowingly and actively harming the game they say they love? I hope the living shit is beaten out of them for a few years so that Cody gets a taste of his own medicine. The sociopathic dick head.


Fair enough. But my point is he’s not the only one.

I’d have Kilkenny connections so maybe I’d know more than most.

Managers at all levels these days have lost sight of the idea of participation. There’s a terrible selfishness out there.


Any chance to post the link pls


Sorry, I’m terrible at that but hopefully someone else can do it.


Haha… Thanks … Sure there’s a huge amount of highly intelligent gentlemen on here I’m sure it’s on its way


The Jackie Tyrrell excerpts don’t read very nice, but isn’t there a point to be made that Kilkenny (and our own footballers) do the sports a service by keeping it honest. ‘Going easy’ is something that should only be done in a kick around up in the park.
Would Waterford feel better in 2008 if they knew that Kilkenny had eased up and only won by 5-6 points? Or Tyrone last week. I think in the long run the games benefit from this attitude. For me it beats multi millionaires tap dancing the ball around the pitch without giving a shit either way. Our amateur sports are more real and honest. Rant over, hope Waterford do it!


It’s more how we treat our own would bother me.

The issue with dish out hammering is the double speak from Cody.

Up the Deise!


Cody comes across as a complete bollox . Let’s call a spade a spade here . There is ruthless and then there is just being a prick


I bow to your vast experience in the matter!


All my teachers were like that …


I don’t rise to people beneath me :blush:


Fair play Bart.


Sounds like leftie commie talk