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They have the momentum of a team that can win it this year . Dublin will have to be much improved from 2016 and 2013 to win this one



I was seriously worried going into the final last year where I thought we looked dead legged in the qtrs against Donegal and against Kerry in the semi. It seemed to continue into both finals and we scraped over the line.

This year our performances against both Monaghan and Tyrone were top drawer and there seemed to be a hunger and desire that was maybe lacking last year. Plus we’ve strengthened this year with Jack and Con whereas Mayo are still relying on pretty much the same players for the last 5 years.


Agreed They are old but they are playing much better this year . All evidence points to a Dublin win by 5-6 . However a 70 percent performance like last year will almost certainly result in defeat and hopefully the team are using the non show last year as motivation for this year . I’m more confident this year I have to say


Fair play to Mayo for turning their season around - took some doing. However I simply cannot see Andy Moran and the other fella getting the run of the FF line the way they did in the semi. The space that Kerry gave them was just criminal. You wouldn’t see it at u12 level.


Funny I’d still fear mayo. Momentum, monkeys of their backs by beating the animal kingdom, and Andy Moran playing line he was ten years younger. That Can do a lot for a team. I never enjoy matches against mayo. Yes we have CON, jack flash and even Niall scully. Still I fear mayo. I just hope we win but would love a performance for the ages.


the only way mayo will beat us is from raw agressive hunger and us capitulating to it, other than that we are miles ahead of them


Loftus like looks a more cutting threat then a lot of their other forwards


Yeah your right but have been impressed with Andy leading the line.


if dublin is taken out of the all ireland story for the past few years you would have had mayo domination instead. i said it last year that they are both miles ahead of everyone else. we were knackered going to the final last year, we had gone to the final of the league 2016, all ireland final 2015, league 2015, we had very hard semi finals in 2016 and 2015, something had to give and we almost gave way when faced with the mayo high tempo onslaught. To give SR his due - he spotted it when many did not, and he never spoke about it afterward.

I know we got to the league final again this year but you can see how the team is fresher all year long.

A very interesting thing was mentioned on the sunday game live programme as well - the dublin team of august 2017 is a bit less bulky than it used to be, we seem to have lost a bit of muscle mass. This also has beneficial effects in terms of aerobic ability. Mayo haven’t done that…

like with a lot of things at this level, it is only afterwards that you realise it…


keep that for the bedroom


Savage player. I wish him the best, his clothing range look pretty cool as well.


Is that impossible?



Seems a fair summary.


Rochford kicking off the scare mongering


FFS :joy:


It’s actually kind of funny, like one of those victim impact videos, “The pain and the nightmares just won’t go away” (cue face in hands). In fairness to SR he just isn’t comfortable with yerra.




Jackie Tyrrell today in Sindo.The first strands of truth creep out. Cody won’t be happy. Explosively honest.