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Hardly consistent though?


but the furry ball they operate is top notch on a saturday night.




Jack O’Shea being clear that James O’Donoghue is carriyng an injury , not himself at all,at all…zzzzzzzzzz


Injury me hole, he is dropped. Sick in his stomach maybe. There’s going to be serious dirt in this replay.


No way ! It’s not in their DNA … peak Yerra waffle campaign though …


I actually don’t believe it


I think a lot of people don’t give this Mayo team enough credit. I think they’re a very good side. To me, they’ve probably been the best team in the country over five or six years, consistently

Ah yeah Jack, best team, yeah


The best? Do you mean the best of the rest?

I’m struggling to think of a better team in that period. It’s not like one county has won 4 of the last 6 All-Irelands.


after us, yes. there is no need for me to trot out the stats.

i have often said and posted that in 2010 i thought they would win the next all ireland as i felt they were the best team and were anti-negative. They have consistantly been a point or so worse than Dublin and Kerry since then. In 2012 they barely beat a dublin team who only woke from their all ireland hangover in the second half of the semi final. they’ve also flirted with relegation in the league a few times (i guess most teams have to be fair).

Close but no cigar.


And that is probably what the players think too and one of the many reasons they’ve won nothing.

The best teams win things, Mayo have won nothing. You can’t be that unlucky all the time.

Not even the best of the rest, just about on par with all the other teams who reached semi finals and won nothing either…


Ah lads ye know I was just quoting Jacko from that article, that’s not my opinion…

Kerry are, obviously


carlow surely


New York


A pile of shite. read at your own peril. Sweeney is loosing the plot if ya ask me.


an excellent example of the difference between a sports journalist looking at the teams and saying who he thinks will win and why - and one who wants a team to lose and then has to frame a few hundred words around it.

Mr Sweeney is most upset that we did not dance to Tyrone’s tune, but why should we? For 15 years people have been moaning about the blanket and now we have hopefully consigned it to history he is still moaning.

Art McCory yesterday in the indo was saying how we were “living on a reputation of sorts” Indeed.

Three weeks of this lie ahead.


Disagree, think it’s a fair piece that summarises what alot of people feel. We of course don’t have to give a flying fook, our great team has served up time and again the best of entertainment and many of the greatest games. But like great Kerry and Kilkenny teams are purely lauded for their greatness so will this Dublin team be, especially IF they can win next month. A Mayo win would indeed be great for the reasons Sweeney states, and an incredible fairytale. Nothing wrong with Sweeney stating that.

It would be incredibly hard for Mayo to face another defeat in a major game for a seventh year running, especially after being so close last year, and coming through the most incredible championship run so far this year. We know that as well as any after where we had arrived to in 1995. Hopefully if Dublin win he will be generous in saying what I’ve no doubt he has said about some Kerry and Kk teams over the past decades.



A lot of people getting on a flap, mayo are back to their position as second best team in the country and have a great chance to knock us off our perch.

Realistically there were only 3 or 4 teams in with a shout this summer and it seems as if Kerry have fallen away and Tyrone were not actually realistic contenders in the first place. Not as soon as we got a lead on them anyway.

If mayo beat us all this split Dublin stuff is going to look daft. I know lads are saying we have the better players, and we do for the most part, but they are a team with serious momentum behind them. Think it’s going to be a great final.