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Interesting listening, particularly form Alan. (Lots of David Brady! :))



its funny how to my mind he sums up the pillar era of dublin. he is right though (in a way) with the “probably a thousand players played for dublin” thing. I remember Ian Robertson being the next next big thing. Didnt Nolan also play in 2013? 2 all ireland medals and he seems to have slipped away into the shadows.


ah madser vaughan. some of his frees were outrageous.


yip , one of the reasons for the upturn in our fortunes , mossy you couldn’t rely on in croke park with the frees so we were always fouled well out - teams had to think differently when Vaughan was knocking frees over left right and centre


I heard stories of him arriving into the dressing room and asking who were we playing and where was that etc. Also remember hearing that because he was a student his Da was giving him €15 for every point he scored - so he cleaned him out a couple of times! Interstig to see him now in Dublin champo. Was watching Crokes - I think the season before last, maybe v Boden - and he was a starter with Mannion on the bench! A good character!

I also think back to the Tommy Lyons era when he introduced a couple of young lads proclaiming them as the next big thing. They burned brightly for a few games but faded away. That’s why I never judge a lad as ‘arriving’ on the intercounty scene until he’s in his third season.


Attaboy, Fento.


There are exceptions but for every Fento there are many Xs - not fair to name people. I think Fento is the real deal but he has struggled a little this year too.


I actually believe he will shine for the remainder of the season.


No offence to Vaughan, I’m sure he’s a lovely fella but when I saw the picture of him with his bleached blonde hair and blue streak, it makes me laugh at what we were back then to what we are now.

Imagine walking in to Jim Gavin’s dressing room with that barnet, I reckon Jim would hand you back your gear bag and show you the door. No showpony stuff in the Dublin camp these days.

I used to often see Vaughan sitting on the walls around the IFSC eating Pizza and drinking large Coffee’s… didn’t surprise me he didn’t make it. Hard to believe he’s only 31 though.


That Pic not from his days playing minor with the blue streak in the hair ?


It is yeah but he just lost the blue streak and kept the bleached blonde and white boots for his time with the seniors as far as I remember.


didn the miss a few trianign sessions, he was a handful


There was one about him on the team bus on the way back from a bruising league game in Tralee, when he was congratulated by his teammates for physically standing up to Seamus Moynihan. Vaughan’s famous response was, “Which one was Moynihan?”


With type 2 diabetes so you would slip away also


forgot that, hope he is doing ok.

in relation to MV, i saw posted on another board that he was taken off in that last challenge match because of something called the jaffa cake challenge…


In all truth Mark at his peak wouldn’t have been in the frame 2011-2018. Which goes for 90 percent of Caffreys team


Calling a Monaghan player a “British ■■■■■■■” reflected particularly badly on his character and also the quality of education on offer in Blackrock.

He was a still a good player though for his unpredictability alone.


Pretty sure that he had type 1, which can require much more management than type 2. I remember him having to do his own warm down on the pitch after a game, while the others went back to the dressing room. It’s a testament to him that he kept with the pace for as long as he did.


To be fair to Vaughan he could kick a long range point like nobodies business , Sheehan should take a few notes off him .