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“My brother and I against the stranger”. That’s the spirit in these times Paul. FFS! :tired_face:


So we all should go around looking like extras from peaky blinders and believe in the Bedouin sayings while taking care of our hair, ego and feeling for the homeless to be a man, easy.


Most of our players are 20 minute to 40 minute players right !!


Brolly and Colly yesterday in unison. Almost identical articles on the one page about where the GAA is going wrong … and they are right too …


Obsessed with change
Super 8
Black card
Galway into Leinster

Can we just leave the bloody thing alone
It was fine crowds are up more money than ever

Yes poor old mordor are shocking nothing to see move on


Certainly wouldn’t want that to change :laughing:


Its mentioned above somewhere, so I did a quick check - the average age of the starting outfield players for Dublin the last day was 25. I think that is fairly incredible for a team that is chasing a fifth All Ireland. Usually at this stage you are facing into an aging team and worried about a big transition to come.


Buts its the old guard that should see us through .


I agree but I also think Cossie’s brilliant cameo in the final replay last year has given the younger/newer lads a great target to aim for in terms of having a huge impact on the biggest games. But doing it as a starter of course is another story.


I know this about is about soccer but I find the part about his mum really Touching. Looks like a really good honest interview. Reminds me of Brian Fenton straight after the 2015 AI final and been interviewed and talking about his ma. Really brings home fir me the true character of these guys.


Jaysus sweeney pulls no punches a bit harsh on Rockford. He made a gamble didn’t work only crime was he left him back there fir to long


Quite harsh but not wrong. I would say Eamon Fitz is happy enough with all the focus on Mayo rather than his piss poor full back line and defensive set up in general.


How did the foul on Bryan Sheehan not result in a black card? Looked very blatant to me.

#1306 may have saved him ,


It wasn’t a deliberate pull down. Was blatant and Vaughan? knew what he was doing but it wasn’t a black card infraction.


Think we’ll have to differ on that.


He barged into Morans back with his hands on Morans shoulders but it was not a deliberate pull to the ground under the definition. But as you say, everyone to their own…


That’s 2 totally leftfield cockups in successive seasons that SR has pulled out of the hat ,if the previous management had done that they would have been absolutely slaughtered by players, media , supporters.I guess if your face doesn’t fit it doesn’t matter how good a manager you are and players want you gone …


Who was on Donkey in the '14 games ? I could actually see O’Shea on him again the next day but Leroy has to be put back to his original position .Is Rochford that worried about Murphys influence as well that he had to make the switch .
Its negligent on Rochfords part that he didn’t study what we did to Donkey in our games against him . When the high ball comes in you have one lad in front & one behind .Spit roast him ,:joy:. If he does win the ball then you have two lads all over him to create a turnover .Your only in trouble if he succeeds & there is a spare man free .


Scandalous really . Sweeney has trained … that’s right nobody