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Also it seemed to be a half empty Hill and low attendance with only die hard fans watching which made the win all the more sweet as the atmosphere was strangely brilliant. Dublin GAA badly needed that win to get people believing again.


What? No sign of the bodhran brigade heroically tapping away at Friendbook on their Nokia’s? Or would that too much like watching soccer before the Premiership was invented?

I did enjoy the halcyon days of bottles of water with caps on and a huge f**K off barb wire fence to rip me to shreds in the event of crowd trouble.


I’m of the same opinion (unless I’m confusing it with the game against them in 2011).

I’ll always remember O’Gara being the first Dublin player for years being able to stand up to Ryan McMenamin. McMenamin used to bully our boys and we had nobody willing or able to meet him head on. I distinctly remember McMenamin being at O’Gara for a period until O’Gara flattened him with a shoulder and then landed on top of him and drove his knees in to him. He set the tone for the rest of the team to say enough is enough.

O’Gara gained my respect that day and I’ve had man love for him ever since.


Yeah big fan of O’Gara as well.


O’Garas involvement in our success cannot be highlighted enough .That game WAS the catalyst for us . It was great to see a player give no shits about the opposition . I’d add MDMA in with that then & to a lesser degree Flynn . Alan had many a moment too .


Alan Brogan spent one game absolutely terrified of Conor Gormley and came off injured on the first half. It was vital to have a few hard lads to stand up to them. It still is- and for Kerry too.


Jesus & left Ger Brennan out of it ! Tbf to Alan he got stuck in too , Battle of Omagh been an example .


We have plenty of them now thank fook.


He’s nowhere near our best 6 forwards anymore fellows . Huge admiration for him all the same . Hes a 20 minute man off the bench.


I would agree with you. Still worth a place in the panel/bench. Brings a different sort of game and God knows we might need him in that role/capacity against Tyrone.


Is the long ball into a big full forward a proven strategy against Tyrone?


I wouldn’t imagine, particularly in the first 40 minutes of a game. But if legs are tiring and we need another outlet, why not?


He never was in our top 6 forwards I think, but vital all the same. I am not sure we would have beaten Mayo in '13 without him. He destroyed them for 40 minutes until his hamstring went, and even then he caused bother.


I like Brolly (and I like Keegan), but I don’t like Brolly’s willingness to judge people on things other then their football. He doesn’t know them. I am sure Keegan is a great man off the field, but Brolly doesn’t know that, he also doesn’t know what the people he judges harshly are like off the field either. The stuff about Keegan demolishing Connolly in two All Ireland finals is rubbish as well, there is a bigger argument that it happened the other way around. But the most likely scenario is that they both played well and had a great rivalry. But that doesn’t play with the media’s (and Brolly’s) need for hyperbole.


Joe seems to be on a first name basis with everyone… and tickling big Aidos belly like a little puppy… Let me feel those muscles Aidan… but while he makes valid points for every valid point he makes he talks complete gick.


Like you’ve just done there? :wink:


What’s your problem posh spice?


I agree with the substantive point, but I disagree (slightly) with ‘this Dublin team won’t last forever’. I would disagree that there is ‘this Dublin team’. Only 3 or 4 of the guys involved last Sunday were involved in 2011. The rate of evolution in this team is incredible I think, I can’t remember any other successful team changing as much as this one is from year to year. If you take Cluxton out of the team you must be looking at an average age of under 25.


More like scary spice.
@Rochey is Old Spice.


hes a bit like fellaini will never get any gratitude for what he does . Hes a great muscle man to bring on and roll over midget defenders