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Wait till they find out that we banned their flegs from Croker


Fucking joke. As expected when one of the Yerras does something there’s mealy mouthed responses. Guaranteed if that was Dermo or any other Dublin player the rule book would have been quoted verbatim


Agree, have no time for McGuigan. Of course question not directed at Cooper, sure why would it? Because its fake news and tin foil hats if anyone suggests they had it in for DC. At least Kavanagh said what had to be said. TSG is really a joke shop. If Ciaran Whelan had been on it he would of been the first person asked if it was a Dublin player.


Yerra Yerra Yerra


To be honest he is probably right but seen as it’s the new norm and the kerry media are the main perpertraitors they can’t really complain


Correct. Kerry boys are the ones who started this stuff off have to expect some blowback.


Utter BS he is clearly choking him and even though provoked as identified in an earlier post, this is well out of order. I don’t like the fecker to be totally honest, a very good player but for me has no class and snidey like the COC.


Donaghy is, and always has been a nasty piece of work. It’s not made an issue of because he is from Kerry yerra yerra yerra …etc


Donaghy should have had about 5 yellows in the 2011 final


Donaghy doesn’t have a patch on COC.


He’s half Tyrone …


Yes … but that’s obviously the good half …


The more I see Donaghy the more I miss ROC he really did put manners on him what a player.


Fair play Bart. With that second name, it makes sense.


Hope this is true!


He’s attempting to choke him anyway, it’s really hard to choke someone like that, you really need an obstacle (ground, wall) behind them to choke someone like that

Still not very sporting and should be classed as a similar offense as striking to the head (oh hai Cillian)


Would love to see ROC return. He would actually only be coming into his prime now as a player. Maybe he’ll be back for the 4-in-a-row bid! :slightly_smiling_face:

Anyone know what he’s up to these days? Last I heard couple of months back he was back in Ireland.


You can see for a split second he really tries to tighten his grip around the neck the camera picked it up well.


He’s retired from IC football


I didn’t realise that, what a pity.