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Up to them to decide who they think has the potential to cause trouble, whether they have consumed alcohol or not. They can refuse entry to anyone for any reason.


Personally speaking I wouldn’t want to play at 54.


Not too shabby Bart.

Only 4 years out!


Can you remember that far back?


Ya have another 30 years to go Bart. You’ll be be long retired by then.



Good man Patsy! Always said he’s not the worst of them


I’ll refuse to click on an indo link.
Suffice to say, no matter how much we dislike either Jimmy or Spillane, McGuinness achieved a lot more as a coach than Spillane has as a pundit.


Jimmy never managed to get Dermo suspended for 12 weeks !


McGuinness brought nothing but fear and negativity. Mickey Whiskers the same. However the latter is forgiveable considering how Kerry, the dirtiest county in Ireland for 100 years, hammered Plunkett Donaghy etc in 1986. Tyrone learnt and were not going to be bullied again. Same for Armaagh with the 7 mins extra time in 2000. Cheated. Difference is that Mickey is still with Tyrone, McGeeney is back with Armagh and Jim has fucked off for the big dollar as Donegal slip deeper and deeper.


Harte has done a great job with Tyrone. Mc Geaney I actually like and hope he does well for himself.
McGuinness ok if he was an ice pop would lick himself to death, but he is making a damn good living out of sport and when I see some of the money clowns across the water get I wouldn’t begrudge him, once he stops talking about us and 2014😀.


I found myself glad for McGeaney, even though I was up for Kildare as a Leinster county. He has had some terrible decisions against him over the years, both Kildare and Armagh. Good to see Armagh back in the quarter finals.


Will they leave up all the orange flags now to support the lads?


I’d say Nelson McCausland and Edwin Poots are beside themselves with excitement!


I loved Edwin’s chart hit ‘Poots Inside Your Head’ …


I was hoping Kildare would win myself , but a bit like today in the Mayo v Roscommon game I was changing my mind frequently.
I think yesterday collectively Kildare had better players
but tactically mc Geaney got it right. So deserves great credit. Yesterday was a battle of coaches and mcGeeney won it hands down .


Looking at the games I thought Galway collectively has better players than the Rossies (and bigger like Comer) but Galway didn’t get the two goals they should have. Looking forward to a great weekend of football next week.


O’Neill is primary a S&C guy. Amazing the amount of lads who get around management setups and fancy their chances …


Id agree there is, but its a fine line, some great players are also poor coaches ( they love the sound of their own voice) Also some limited players are very good at reading the game and become very good coaches. Personally for me a persons background shouldn’t be the deciding factor in deciding what they can offer, its what you can get from an individual that sets you apart as a coach .
Players ultimately win you games , but I thought Armagh tactically got the most from their team yesterday,
I wouldn’t dismiss Cian o Neill , it’s a young Kildare team , but the honeymoon period is truly over now.


At least Des tried to raise the issue, McGuigan’s response was pathetic.