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No mention of the WH officials reporting it to the Gardai on the day if they were that concerned about the behavior of “some” fans.

Sounds like the scandal sheets making something out of nothing


Was more getting at why WH are only bringing this up now. We all know paper never refuses ink etc… timing is just odd.


Gardai had to intervene in the stands!!!


On the day of the game the radio coverage mentioned it I think but it went very quiet then. And them bowsy Dub supporters going to Nowlan and Portlaoise, watching Dermo getting blackguarded, outnumbering the locals … and still behaving impeccably …


some of the best fans I ever met in the gaa are from Armagh but I also saw some of the worst carry on in the early 00s. I’m sure the same can be said about Dublin but they have a really bad element that follows them


I’d agree. A lot of really sound fans but a nasty element too but we’ve got some arseholes following us as well. I’d still rank them below galway or tipperary hurling fans


I’d prefer any football fans to the boozed up little shiites from Tipp and Waterford and Kilkenny who act like savages on the Hill. Ask the stewards what they think about the young hurling ‘fans’, complete toerags a lot of them.


Limerick In Thurless a few years back springs to mind.


cute hoorism in reverse. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


seen that in person.

my eldest last year thought the antics of the drunken tipp supporters was very funny, but i could see the danger he couldnt. also i was told the next day of some of the stuff that went on in the busses on the way up and back.


Just wondering since the gaa are so much into health and safety will they refuse entry to anyone under the influence such as the lads you observed at the Tipp match last year.


How could they prove this?


They don’t have to. It’s private property, they can refuse anyone entry for any reason they want.


Ok, to rephrase. How will they decide who is under the influence?


Just be glad you never have to share a train with them, painful stuff.


The bould Mickey Linden!


He was a joy to watch.


Still is it seems!!!


I thought Francie finished him off a few years back. Fair play to him still going


He’s an inspiration to those of us of a certain age who struggle trying to do a bit of training.