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Mayo are getting a really nice rehab through the qualifiers - mind you they’re making hard work of it.


Maybe, or its just masking problems. Who knows. Still don’t think they will beat Kerry…


Remains to be seen, can they lift it again when they’re underdogs? or have they just run out of juice.


They got a break avoiding Kerry next Sunday . This year is their best chance in my view
Kerry probably still a year away in defence and half forward line and Dublin quietly transitioning their team .


Bart, there is as much of a chance of Mayo winning the SAM this year as there is of you ever saying ‘Sorry- I was wrong about that’ on Reservoir Dubs!:blush::rofl: They wouldn’t trouble Tyrone, Kerry or Dublin, if they get that far! They are going backwards at this stage.


I feel similarly but to be fair I felt the same last year and they beat Tyrone and should of beaten us on the first day out .


I dunno - they I could see them beating Tyrone but not kerry. But they won’t have to worry about Tyrone - yet. I have a sneaky feeling that Roscommon could spring the surprise of the summer.


You never know. While your breathing you can still win . There isn’t a run away favourite this year


That’s true B - but I reckon if Kerry had what we have right now they would be unbackable … nach ea?


I dunno. I think it’s a different era and it’s harder for teams in consecutive years . Tyrone nobody is talking about them


I know we all wear the blue specs but I’m happy with how things have gone so far. I just reckon if Kerry had our options they’d be orgasmatroned to death … but I’m happy for us to stay under radar … despite some Yerra stuff. I just can’t see it in Tyrone myself. They were our big bogey in the Noughties but we have well had their measure in Champo since. I think their results are flattering against weak opposition… but I wouldn’t write them off totally.


Personally I think they won’t let us play. Where as Kerry always will and I’d still fancy is in a shootout against Kerry


Aye true - no doubt they won’t let us play but it’s hard to see them racking up a higher score than us in that scenario … and Dermo may be back too


Permatan having a go at the mayo assistant manager


The long summer evenings are getting to him… especially since his own county is out, and no sign of his knowledge and expertise being called on…


Not sure Kerry will always let us play. If the two sides meet this summer I think we’ll see a mix of attack and lads staying back.


Kerrys approach to playing us has very little to do with letting us play. More to do with continuous strategic fouling as we try to work the ball out of defence. That combined with much off the ball ‘acting the boll0x’ sort of thing.

That’s where the Kerry purists are at the minute when they play Dublin! If we do play them in the final don’t think it will be open free flowing football. That’s for bleedin sure :upside_down_face:


I’m not a betting man…

However, I do keep an eye on the odds sometimes for certain sporting events. The best odds available on Dublin are 5/4. They are as low as evens.
The lowest odds available on Kerry are 9/4 and you can get them as high as 11/4.

The bookies get it wrong sometimes… but not often.


There is not a hope in hell Kerry will let us play. Everything they will do is based on stopping our players. I watched first hand in Tralee the off the ball stuff.
I’m not moaning sh.t happens and we have lads well able to rough it also.
But Kerry, Tyrone it’s all the same when it comes to slowing down the game and stopping runners.
Kerry have more lethal forwards , Tyrone have a better defence. Either game will be tough.


Not condoning the alleged actions of Armagh supporters I do however find it strange that this is brought up a Month later only a few days before their game against Kildare. Now maybe it’s just pure coincidence but it’s almost as if they were prompted to say it now.