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Ill-judged player power I feel.


Is there any other kind?


Some foolish players, what a joke


As a union man I’ll admit to being torn on the issue.


This man IMO is one of the best managers of all time in GAA and Fermanagh lads throw him under a bus! Hope he stays in the game and gets to manage somewhere that give him the respect he deserves.


If the Meath County Board had any sense




That time of the week when state the bleeding obvious der bomber astounds us all with his insight! Please note this link is posted for light entertainment only and is no way offensive or discrimative against ones own moral outrage.


He’s a habit of asking himself questions…right before giving his answer.

I counted a half dozen times he asks 'do I think such and such?, only to to say ‘yes I do’.

I must try that with the barman…do I want a drink? Yes, I want a drink.

Still think Dara O’C is an enjoyable Kerry man to listen to. As are the O’Ses as well.


Was in the Belfast tele that Antrim could be lining up Pete McGrath.


Great move by Antrim if that’s the case. Although if Monaghan get knocked out this weekend it could throw the cat amongst the pigeons


Pete seems a good man manager and would be a good person for a few years for a younger man to learn from.

Still surprised at Fermanagh if accounts are true.

Brian McIver - DoF at Derry - was saying that with more commitment expected from players, they were walking away if they didn’t get a chance.

But i imagine if you’ve one leg you’d get a game in Fermanagh so it can’t be to do with game time.


Jaysus sounds like Whelo is one lucky man. His fitness level would have helped him a lot.


Take it from me. What helps is drugs. Lots of them. Sepsis is no respecter of fitness.


How did he get it? Doesn’t say in article but surely something triggered it? And not Pat Spillane …


Methinks, Ciaran had a read of Res Dubs and then posted his take on the game :laughing:


He’s got 1,2,3,4,5 sepsis working overtime


Dear God, where’s the Pun Police when you need them?


Another Richard Branson plaything.


That’s the spirit